A year without….

£9.11 changeThe whole year without supermarkets experiment/adventure has so far been wonderful, we have saved ourselves a nice amount of money each week on our shopping and we have eaten some truly great food and met some very lovely people, both face to face and via the wonderful World Wide Web!

We were asked by a friend the other day if we thought we would ever go back supermarket shopping and in unrehearsed unison both Ian and Becksie gave a resounding NO! Now if you have been reading this for some time you will know that we are not people who sit still much, we are constantly on the go both physically and mentally, and during a recent car journey we got on to the subject of what to do next seen as we have the hang of this no supermarket lark! We will of course keep up our supermarket boycott as promised, however we discussed several ideas to make the whole thing even more interesting!

These included:

Live on war rations for a week or so (we may need to count poor Lizzie out of this one!)

Eat our own produce only for a few weeks

pears and pizza 4

ummm? Sprouting seeds and pea shoots!!

Cut our budget down even further

shopping week 7 (4)

Ok ok – not by this much!

Cook a new recipe every night for a month

recipe books 1

Although we are very much into the swing of things with avoiding supermarkets there are a few things that we do really need to work on, number 1 being our garden. Currently a shrine to the great Bind Weed God we really do need to do some work on this to turn it into an effective growing space – if not a month of eating our own produce is going to be great only for our figures!!

One of the girls the day we got her - looking rather sad!

One of the girls the day we got her – looking rather sad!

Action point number 2 is chickens, lovely Paul and Barry Chicken have, it is fair to say, passed their prime egg laying years, in fact they are so far passed them we cannot actually remember the last time we got an egg out of their hutch, although it is winter and they do seem to get rather miserable when it is wet, given the last month we have had they must be positively depressed! The point is though that we need more chickens. We intend to get some from the wonderful British Hens Welfare Trust, who re-home ex battery hens (a very rewarding experience).


We are also bothered about our milk. Milk is not difficult come by locally from supermarkets, in fact it is probably the easiest thing for anyone anywhere to buy not from a supermarket, the issue that we have is that it is just too cheap! Farmers are expected to produce milk for an ever reducing amount for the dairies that sell it, with their costs continually rising and their earnings continually falling. Farming is a great tradition of this country and it is sad to see so many farmers going out of business whilst supermarkets make more and more profit. With this in mind how can it be right to pay just £1 for 2 litres of milk? What we need to do is somehow find a source that pays farmers a fair amount and charges the customer a fair amount, hmmm need to do some research on this one!

The Oxford mail has given us a little spread in their paper today do have a little read!

Now we sometimes post what we have had for our dinner for you, but as Becksie and Lizzie are away this evening Ian is running Café Pugh for (thankfully) only his own benefit, so we will spare you all of the gory details, but let’s just say the kitchen looks like a very messy (and hungry) burglar has been round!


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  2. Living of your own produce for a couple of weeks would be a really good experiment and if you have a good growing year and get some egg laying chickens, might even be possible. it would be fun to try. We’ve very occasionally had a meal that is completely home grown, but that’s all we’ve managed.

    • Our garden needs some serious work before hand but hopefully we could make it work, we have some meat and game that we have butchered ourselves in the freezer which i think also counts!!

  3. I would be interested in doing the war ration challenge with you when you do it. I wrote an article about that subject and am very interested in it.

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