Midnight Snackery!!

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So as you know by now we are Excellent at going to bed!!! NOT……… we are truly truly rubbish! Not only does being rubbish at going to bed early mean that you are constantly tired it also means that at about midnight you get hungry! Ian and Becksie are partial to a late night snack!

breakfast one


Now when we were in our first year at University (we met in Halls of residence 10 years ago) this meant a late night round of toast or some form of pasta! Up until we started this no supermarket malarkey midnight snacks were cereals for Becksie and cereals and biscuits for Ian! Now……… our midnight snacks are……lovely lovely cheeses and biscuits!

But…… last night we decided to push the boat out and create something yummy with the lovely proper chocolate drops we got earlier in the day at the deli!

hot chocolate 7

A few months ago we had brilliant day out at River Cottage and listened to a most interesting talk by a lovely lady called Claire Burnet who founded, with her husband Andy the most amazing Chocolate company called Chococo (we just discovered they do mail order)! Now this lady knew her chocolate facts and the passion she has for chocolate is incredible! She taught us to appreciate the finer tastes of chocolate and although we do still eat and enjoy the chocolate made by ‘the company with the purple logo’ we now have come to recognise this as a product based on sugar (but who doesn’t like sugar?) and see chocolate in a whole new light!

hot chocolate 1

So our midnight snack was a drink of epic proportion served with a posh biscuit that Uncle Roger and Aunty Kath (of everyday fruit cake fame) got us for Christmas! Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate (with cream – well in for a penny in for a pound and actual chocolate is……..good for you, oh and…..Becksie is breastfeeding so…..extra calories are permitted)!

So get some pretty cups (things always taste nicer from a pretty cup or mug) and measure out the amount of milk you need – this is simple fill one of the cups and tip it into the pan then…..repeat and you will have exactly the right amount of Hot Chocolate!

hot chocolate 2

Start to heat the milk gently and add some orange zest as it heats (how much depends on how strong you want you orangey twist to taste – we wanted a subtle hint so added about a 1/4 of a large orange’s zest), we also added a few drops of our homemade vanilla essence.

hot chocolate 3

When the milk is blipping away add the chocolate drops (the more you add the stronger the chocolate taste) and they will melt into the milk, add a ½ a teaspoon of sugar and stir until all the sugar and chocolate are melted!

hot chocolate 5

Pour into the cups and add a swirl of cream, some grated chocolate and some more orange zest!

hot chocolate 6

Serve and enjoy!

Oh and by the way you need a teaspoon because the creamy, melted chocolate, orange zesty bit at the bottom is AMAZING!




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  1. This sounds lovely, but Im a bit concerned at what look to be pot noodles floating in your cups????? Please tell me thats not the case! :o)

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