Week 9 Shopping , Sprouts and Vanilla Essence (not together)!!

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We didn’t need a great deal of food this week as the food in the house seemed to keep on giving this week, so apart from some essentials and a bottle of milk midway through the week this week’s shopping weighed in at just £15.61!

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We paid a little trip to our local deli and picked up some lovely cheeses and some amazing pate, and we discovered that they now have small paper bags, which are just as beautiful as their larger counterparts!

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Our afternoon was spent playing peppa pig dominoes, a Christmas present of lizzie’s which came in a huge box – a bespoke domino bag is on the craft to-do list!

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One of the other things we got from the deli today was some more vanilla pods. For Christmas we made Aunty Leah and Uncle Liam (of serendipitous fame) some homemade vanilla essence! It was super easy peasy and we can’t believe we’ve been using shop bought vanilla essence up until this point! You will need vanilla pods and some form of alcohol (we used gin), and a sterile bottle!

After 4 - 6 weeks it goes a lovely rich colour

After 4 – 6 weeks it goes a lovely rich colour

So split the vanilla pods length ways (for a 100ml bottle we used one and a half vanilla pods) put the strips in the bottle and as many of the seeds left on your chopping board as humanly possible (or any that won’t go in the bottle can be used to poach pears), fill the bottle with the alcohol, seal and ………….wait! After 4 – 6 weeks just used as you would normal vanilla essence! Lovely!

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Dinner was a rather lovely piece of gammon (a freezer delight from a previous market trip), sprouts (a gift from Grandad Gray) and parsnip, swede, carrot, potato and celeriac (another Grandad Gray gift) mash! Lizzie loves celeriac as much as she hates porridge! This mash recipe started as a weaning special but…… it’s become a favourite for Team Pugh! Chop up your veg, boil until soft then……. mash, add a little cream and season! YUM!

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  1. Sounds like a good week. Love the vanilla essence idea, I remember my Mum sticking a vanilla pod in a jar of sugar and using vanilla sugar for her backing. :o)

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