Re-Upholstery for Idiots!

stool 3

Well this post is what is says in the title! Well not quite as it’s not really a fancy pants tutorial or even a tutorial at all more like proof that any idiot can re-upholster! We guess it’s a lesson in showing that lovely things don’t have to cost a fortune and things that you hoard for a while do eventually earn the space they have been taking up for (*coughs) years!

I guess this post starts with a little bit of envy! Our good friends Steve and George have an item that the boy part of Team Pugh felt a little of envy for! This item is not a huge plasma tv, a fancy pants car, the latest techno item (I guess as a regular blog reader if it was by now you’d be shocked as all of the aforementioned aren’t very us) it is……………………………. A rather lovely but quite old foot stool! Ian loves the way that Team Watson can sit back on their (very beautiful) sofa and rest their weary legs! So………… for Ian’s last birthday Becksie scoured the junk (antique) shops and purchased this rather, well…..ugly foot stool! Becksie was rather pleased with her £12 antique (*coughs louder – piece of junk) and fully intended to cover it in fabric and present it to Ian!

stool 1

However….. as usual time ran out, Ian’s birthday arrived and said stool was still an ugly duckling! So…..we did what any self respecting ugly duckling foot stool owner does and put a blanket over it! That is until we sorted out the craft supplies and came across this rather lovely piece of Laura Ashley fabric we got a few years ago at a jumble sale for…………………..10p! That’s right about a meter and a half of Laura Ashley fabric for 10p! Point A) those of you who love fabric (Jenny of noticeboard fame and Jen of Make do and Mend fame – we can see you now jumping up and down) will understand the truly amazing deal this is! Point B) there is simply not enough jumble sales anymore (oh dear I feel another project coming on)! So a moment truly serendipitous (Liam and Leah that ones for you) occurred – ugly footstool needs beautiful new cover – beautiful fabric needs a purpose! So the only thing left was to use Jenny of brownie fame’s staple gun that we still have on loan from noticeboard making (we promise to return it when we next see you) and the new stool was born! stool 2

If you are a professional re-upholsterer – we apologise but….. we are very happy with our efforts and we still have enough to make a draft excluder and a cushion to go on top of the foot stool! Did we forget to mention the blasted thing is too low!?!!!!!!

stool 4



8 thoughts on “Re-Upholstery for Idiots!

  1. I will have to get Jenny to steal it as the fabric is remarkably similar to the one I chose for our new sitting room curtains!!

    Well done!

  2. Wow, how clever are you! This looks fabulous. Im casting my eye over some of our furniture as I type to see if I could do the same. Ive got some really kitsh edging thats been sitting in my ribbon box for ages……………

  3. Clever you, been meaning to have a go at this for years!! Now lets have a look!! Carol (B’ham.) xx

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