Craft supplies and Chorizo


craft and chirizo 1So today was Ian’s first day back at work! This meant for Becksie and Lizzie………..tidying the house, starting the great washing catch up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So 4 loads of washing have been done, the heating is on full blast in an attempt to get the blasted stuff dry and we are very proud to say the ironing pile is………………….empty!! Who’s impressed?? So the house was looking quite tidy and had at this point we got the hoover  and polish out, after a quick once over we could be sat here very very happy! However as we were getting on so well we decided that we should try to ‘sort out’ all the craft stuff! Mistake! The house now looks, once again, like a bombsite! There is craft supplies everywhere!!

As Becksie now has a lovely big cupboard for her supplies and in keeping with her new years resolution the sort out is one of epic proportions including………….offering a few bags of craft items on freecycle! The grand clear out is a work in progress as it involves several cupboards and the moving around of other items! So feeling tired of sorting and with a house full of craft items what to make for tea that is easy and quick?

The answer? Homemade bread served with Chorizo and sweet potato chowder – yum! And here’s the how:

Assemble as near to the following as poss

craft and chirizo 3

1 1/2 pints chicken stock

olive oil

10 grams (ish) butter

3 medium carrots

2 celery stalks

1 medium onion

2 cloves garlic

1 very large sweet potato (ours was just a bit smaller than Lizzie’s head)

craft and chirizo 2
1/2 swede (only because we needed to use ours up)

250ish grams Chorizo

1 heaped teaspoon Madras curry powder

Salt and pepper

Chilli (optional and to taste)


craft and chirizo 4

Easy really chop all the veggies and chorizo into cubes, fry for 10 mins in the butter, olive oil, garlic and curry powder (also chilli if you are adding it). When the vegetables are soft add the stock and simmer for 25mins! Add a dash of cream and Blend, season to taste and serve with a swirl of cream!

craft and chirizo 5

Eat and enjoy whilst considering craft storage conundrum!

craft and chirizo 6


4 thoughts on “Craft supplies and Chorizo

  1. Wow Missus, you have been busy!Isnt it a pain trying to get lots of washing dried inside. :o(
    Im culling my craft stuff as well. I tried selling some on a new site (CraftyBob) but it was a waste of time, Im always wanting new stuff, so am looking for a craft swap instead of giving them away (I did give quite a bit away last year tho).
    Hope your soup tasted as nice as it looked.

    • Washing drying sure is a pain! We STILL have a house full of wet washing but we are getting there! I’ve never heard of Crafty Bob, perhaps we could do a craft swap?

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