Sunday night blues

So Ian is back at work tomorrow and has major Sunday night blues, a Christmas that was supposed to be all about resting and catching up on all of life’s little jobs seems to have disappeared in a flash and left us with more to do than we had in December!

Today then started slowly with some breakfast for Lizzie and a packet of washing powder tipped over in our under the stairs cupboard, it is unbelievable how far a box of powder can travel and all of the orifices of a handbag it can get in! Some cleaning up and a bit of a tidy of the house was followed by lunch (Pitta bread, avocado and lovely bacon lardons from last week’s shop) and then a lovely walk by (and in places in) the River Thames! It is amazing how much water there still is everywhere and it makes us very glad we live a few miles away from the nearest river!

grass instead of sand!!

grass instead of sand!!

floods 4

floods 2

floods 3

floods 1

Talking of last week’s shop we realised today that we still have quite a bit of food left from last week, so this week’s shopping should be quite easy and cheap! At least by being out and about at other people’s houses we have not had to cook too much over the last week or so, and we are quite proud that we have only paid for one meal out over the last few weeks as we promised in the rules (in fact thinking of it,we might only have done so once since the start of December, but don’t quote us on that!!)

shopping week 8 - 3

Being at other people’s houses has meant that Becksie’s cooking bug has not been released for a while, so tonight’s dinner was greeted with excitement all round in the Pugh household, Becksie because she got to whip out her knives, pans and chopping board, Ian because he would always choose Becksie’s cooking for his last meal (ok he is being dramatic going back to work is not comparable to death row) and Lizzie just loves eating dinners (breakfast goes down ok, lunch goes down well but a good dinner with meat, veg and gravy disappears in seconds)!

Dinner then was roast chicken and featured Grandpa Pugh’s roast potato tip – Most excellent!!