Team Pugh’s New Years resolution!


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So as we mentioned yesterday New Years Eve is not Becksie’s favourite day of the year so…… we have spent a quiet day mostly grumping about! Tonight we have plans so ……… here we are writing today’s blog post earlier in the day than normal! How very organised!!!!!!

And this leads us to explain why? Well after considering our options for New Year’s Resolutions we can announce that we have between us come up with one over arching Team Resolution! 2013 is officially the year in which we will try our very very hardest to be more Organised!

A gift from our friend - a subtle hint hehe

A gift from our friend – a subtle hint hehe

Now in some ways we are already very organised – we’ve cracked this one weekly market / local shop business and stopped top up shopping, we batch cook, we’ve managed to care for a baby for nearly 8 months, Ian holds down a responsible job blah blah but still (perhaps because we are so busy) we constantly feel like we are chasing our tails! This is what must change and this is why will try to be more organised!

Here are some examples of why we feel like we are treading water:

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The laundry bin is constantly full despite us washing everyday ! The problem is we own lots and lots of clothes and as a consequence items can get stuck in the washing bin without anyone noticing their absence! Also in the winter we find drying washing difficult as our best option is front of the fire but our living room is so tiny a washing airer completely fills it! Ok excuses, excuses – We are going to spend the first week of 2013 catching up on washing even it means filling our living room with washing. Once we have caught up we will stay on top of it (promise)! We are going to change our laundry bin for a smaller version – the hope being that by having a smaller basket we will have less space to store our washing mountain (ok, ok we know we are going to try to stay on top of it)! We will also be doing a massive clothes cull very early on in the New Year!

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The ironing pile is always over flowing….. but……. sorting out the washing basket will have the knock on effect of sorting out this problem!

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Becksie’s crafting particulars are all over the place, in a basket on the table, in the cupboard in the living room, on the sofa, in the wardrobe in Lizzie’s room, in Becksie’s wardrobe oh and in the loft! So when Ian has returned to work, Becksie and Lizzie will spend some time (whilst the washing is drying) sorting out and storing better – good news is after yesterdays epic utility clean up Becksie now has a huge cupboard in which to hide her treasures (more information coming soon)! So watch this space!

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Ian feels like he has a list of jobs to do outside, in his shed, little bits of renovation here and there and zero time to do them! So his personal aim is that if we are at home on a Saturday to get up early and do a couple of hours!

Our computer is completely junked up with photos that haven’t quite made the blog grade – so we will be spending some time sorting stuff into files etc etc!

Blogging everyday is believe it or not quite a mission so perhaps we could spend a bit of time getting a few posts ready in case we are busy (tidying, drying washing doing outside jobs) or tired!

Our garden is a lovely lovely space but it is at the moment not best utilised and we certainly do not keep it as we should. We have been planning to grow veggies (we have had a little go at this in the past) but we know we must try harder! Grandad Gray has helped us with our garden a few times but perhaps it’s time to try again and make 2013 the year of the organised garden!

Oh and one last thing we will continue to try to get to bed earlier and get up earlier! We do try but quite frankly we are pants! BUT – New Year new start (even though as Becksie keeps reminding herself today it is just another day)!

There you have it we will try to be more organised! Oh and of course we shall continue being Supermarket Free!

So all that remains to say is:

Thank you for reading , supporting and commenting on our blog, we hope you are enjoying it thus far!


See you in 2013!

Lots of love

Team Pugh


6 thoughts on “Team Pugh’s New Years resolution!

  1. Blimey, sounds like you are in for a busy year! Our laundry baskets (yup we have two for 2 of us!!!) and ironing basket are in the same state as yours, its a bit of a losing battle round here, but as I am ‘between jobs’ at the moment Im trying to keep on top of it. We hang ours over the stairs in Winter and it takes 2-3 days to dry (gets a bit depressing)oh, and I loathe ironing with a passion – I have been known to find stuff at the bottom of the ironing basket I washed 18 months before!.
    Anyhoo, heres hoping we both get on top of our laundry and that 2013 is a great one.
    Best Wishes .:o)

  2. Great year of blogging in 2012. Look forward to this next year. I am lucky as I live with Wishy Washy, the absolute Queen of the Washing Machine.
    At least she has done some Pugh washing this holiday so a good start to ’13.
    Lv x

  3. I feel your pain with always having laundry to do, like you we have too many clothes. I plan to sort through mine and SD’s today and take any old and unwanted items to the local charity shop. I’ve been organising my home since the new year and I feel great for doing it. Good luck with your organisation journey! x

    • Hi there, our advice is to do as much as you can before your little one arrives as it just gets worse and worse!! thank you for reading. we hope that everything goes well, we will keep an eye out for some baby photos!!

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