New Year approaching Grumps!

grumpy becksie

So what to blog about today? Perhaps another craft based gift? But………….Can’t seem to find the enthusiasm given that the whole Christmas thing is so (very nearly) last year. Ok, maybe a tasty recipe (after all this is a food blog and we’ve been totally rubbish at this lately) – but no…… again no real enthusiasm! Ok maybe a little tale about how we’ve spent our day? But…………. Nah, although the day’s activities is great blog fodder we fancy doing a really good post about this very soon (if your itching to know we have been sorting out the utility room and don’t worry we have before and after shots)!  Ok maybe some supermarket based ramblings………………phhaff can’t be bothered!

Oh very dear! So throughout the day Becksie has been getting progressively grumpier and perhaps a little snappy and it was only at dinner (sausages, jacket spud, roasted vegetables and red cabbage) that we worked out why! Tomorrow is Becksie’s yearly day of depression! For some reason unknown to man (and Becksie) New Years Eve brings with it a very temporary black cloud that makes her feel very grumpy, very reflective and very sad! But …… hang on a minute………………………..

New Year’s Eve is………………….. just another day! Yes it’s the end of the calendar year but nothing really changes at the stroke of midnight and so maybe there is no point in this one day of melancholy! Perhaps this year Becksie could allow herself to not feel sad but instead feel happy with everything that has been achieved in 2012!

The world may be full of sad things, nasty goings on etc etc but there is also a lot of good in the world and this blog really has highlighted a little corner of goodness in the world. So here are a few little pictures, links and bits of loveliness that we want to share with you just in case you share Becksie’s New Years Eve misery!

1. Dress a Girl Around the World! This is truly amazing! A little bit of loveliness getting people to make very simple dresses to send to little girls around the world who might otherwise never own a dress! This is such a lovely idea and Becksie is arranging a series of sewing days in 2013 with the aim of adding 200 dresses to the pile! Lovely!


2. Grey Cavalier blog! We stumbled upon this blog this morning and it is truly truly beautiful – George White a 92 year old blogger!

3. Lizzie Pugh’s teeny tiny 2 day old hand!

Lizzie's tiny hand

4. The following photo isn’t great quality as it was taken on a mobile phone but there is something very magical about it – the picture is Becksie’s nana’s hands holding a photo of herself as a young woman. Nana sadly left us this year and is missed greatly but just sometimes Lizzie throws us a look and we all chime – wow ‘that’s Nana Parry’!

nana's hands

5. Number 5 could only be a quote from our lovely lovely Nana! This quote works on so many levels and is the perfect mantra for a world fast approaching a New Year:

Your future lies before you

like a path of untrodden snow

be careful how you tread it

as every step will show.



8 thoughts on “New Year approaching Grumps!

  1. I love Nana Parry’s philosophy quote. When I was doing Daisy’s mum’s 21st birthday album (not that long ago!!) I found a picture of her Nana (my grandma) who was… A nanny!!!

    Happy New Year to Team Pugh xx

  2. I love the picture of Lizzie’s hand-so sweet, and so tiny. Don’t be grumpy. You have acheived an awesome amount, including the not so teeny taks of bringing a gorgeous baby girl into the world. Just remember, you are an inspiration…!!

  3. Youve acheived a lot this year Pugh’s, you should be very proud, as you say tomoroow is just another day. Think about all the cool things that are comming your way for 2013! :o)

  4. I too don’t real like New Year’s Eve…saying good-by to one year and all that it held. And I do agree New Year’s Day is just another day…but some how it holds hope for the coming year and all it will hold. You have been so blessed with your beautiful Lizzie and with one another. May 2013 bring you joy, peace and happiness. Happy New Year to you! Thank you for all the blogs…we are really enjoying them.

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