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So you may remember that we made our friends over at my make do and mend year a Quillow. Now this is something that we learnt from our lovely friend Jenny (aka Mrs. Atkinson of brownie fame) and we promised a while ago to do a tutorial well………………………. we still haven’t got ourselves into gear for this! Apologies, it is Christmas and we vowed today to have a day relaxing by the fire (we are uber rubbish at relaxing so this has been something of a challenge) BUT don’t despair we can bring you yet another Mrs. Atkinson inspired goody!

Today’s tutorial …………………………………

Really lovely snazzy Noticeboards that look truly professional

notice 9

So you will need to assemble the following:

Some chipboard (cut to the size you require)

Some flat wadding (this may have a special name but we can’t think what it is)

Fabric of your choice (as a guide the one in the pictures used about ¼ of a meter)

Ribbon of your choice (as a guide the one in the photos used about 5 meters

Some upholstery tacks

A staple gun and some staples

A hammer

Fabric or paper for the back (we used brown paper)

20 minutes of your time

And this is the how:

Cut your board to the desired size, cover with flat wadding and fabric

notice 1

notice 2

notice 4

Pull the fabric as taught as possible and staple all around the edge on the side you have chosen to be the back.

notice 5

Staring from the middle lay a strip of ribbon at a 45 degree angle and staple to the back side, work outwards on both sides repeating this step until you have approximately 4 strips one way and 4 the other as demonstrated in the photo.

notice 6

notice 7

Hammer a upholstery tack into each point where the ribbons meet.

notice 8

Flip over, trim ribbons and staple a piece of fabric or paper to make a neat back. Fix picture frame hooks and wire across the back and voila – a very professional looking notice board is born!

notice 9

After our tutorial with Mrs. A we made several and we are planning to make one more (before we return the staple gun) to hang in our new utility room which we are planning to FINALLY sort out before Ian returns to work! Any utility room tips and ideas gratefully received!


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