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shopping week 8 - 1So as we have spent a couple of days in Bruminghamshire we decided to do our shopping on our return journey, now although this isn’t truly local to us we decided it was economical and would save us a special shopping trip!

We went off to Kings Heath with high hopes of a lovely local shopping experience (well one of us is a full Brummie by birth, another of us is a Brummie by marriage and a former resident and the littlest one is a half Brummie by birth).

shopping week 8 - 2

As former residents of the area we know Kings Heath quite well and knew that it should be able to fulfil our shopping needs, we even managed to find somewhere to park for free within a 2 minute walk of the high street (Mr Pugh does not like to pay for parking)!

First stop was the greengrocers, off we strolled only to find that the greengrocers was closed down, boarded up, no signs of life – oh dear! We pottered off a little distance up the road to find what turned out to be the same fruit and veg shop in a different location – brilliant!

A nice bounty of fruit and veg was found and put in our basket, and as we approached the till we came across the dry foods shelf, and we were very impressed! Not only were large bags of pasta available at 3 for a pound but also all manner of exotic spices, so we splashed out a whole £4 on 12 boxes, anyone have any ideas what to do with Juniper Berries?

shopping week 8 - 5

We next popped to the lovely little deli that we have been to a few times previously to purchase some cheese and other dairy delights, only to find it closed – if only more people shunned supermarkets and there was more demand for little shops to be open over Christmas! Imagine if the high street still looked like this:

Now there are two supermarkets on the high street in Kings Heath, however we have come this far and we are not about to give in!

shopping week 8 - 3

After a quick bit of banking and non-food shopping we made our way back to our freely parked car and headed back to lovely lovely Oxfordshire. As regular readers will know we do frequent our local deli most weeks, however today we thought we would try a lovely little shop with a great name (Eggs Eggcetera) just a quarter of a mile out of our way in Oxford.

shopping week 8 - 8

shopping week 8 - 7

We picked up some very nice cheeses, yoghurt, chorizo and bacon lardons, some pitta breads and our milk for the week all for a very reasonable price. Back on our way we smugly made it home, any remaining feelings of guilt about not shopping truly locally disappearing as we drove past our local shops which were closed!

shopping week 8 - 4

Shop complete, £13.12 change from our £50 starting point – shopping trip = a success!!

shopping week 8 - 6

All these mushrooms just 30p!!


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