A Few Foody Matters Concerning Grandpa Pugh

marmite 5So today’s post find us discussing a few food based issues concerning Ian’s dad aka Lizzie’s grandpa aka Becksie’s Father in law!

A few things you should know…………………………….

Grandpa Pugh is extremely competitive! Grandpa Pugh is a Marmite lover as is Becksie!

Ok, now you are in receipt of this information you may continue reading!

Over the nine and a half years Becksie has known Mr. Pugh (senior) his competitive streak has become something of a source of humour! Grandpa Pugh likes to win and for some reason beating his daughter in law seems to be a must! There was the time at the Milky Way Family Fun Park that he got a little too involved in a game of crazy golf! There was the time Becksie beat him at Bagatelle (and he sulked)! There was yet another crazy golf based incident in Woolacombe – let’s call it score card fixgate.

marmite 3

Whenever the opportunity arises for some sort of competitive activity Grandpa Pugh is always very keen to take on, and usually beat his daughter in law, whenever Becksie does triumph it is somewhat of an occasion.

Over breakfast this morning conversation turned to whether squeezy marmite and marmite from a jar are one and the same product.  After some debate about the differing consistencies and a comparison of the ingredients it was decided that the great Marmite Taste Test 2012 would take place between Becksie and Grandpa Pugh!

For all of his confidence Grandpa Pugh was a little worried; when he used to work as an accountant at Cadbury’s he applied to be on their official taste test panel, his interview tasting was not successful, surely his taste buds would not let him down again?

The independent adjudicator Grannie Pugh disappeared off into the ‘test kitchen’ and returned with two plates containing Sample A and Sample B.

marmite 2

The blindfold was applied to contestant number 1, who tasted each sample and considered which was which.

marmite 7

A rough looking Becksie (Team Pugh hair and make up is taking a break for Christmas)


The blindfold was applied to contestant 2, who tasted the samples and took a few seconds to decide which was which. The outcome was differing ideas on which was squeezy and which was from the jar, and the correct contestant was, drum roll please………………………………………………………………… BECKSIE!!!!!!!

marmite 1

Needless to say Becksie was delighted, Grandpa Pugh was deflated and left nursing a dented marmite lovers pride. We have a feeling that Becksie will not let Grandpa Pugh forget her victory in a hurry!

Now whilst Grandpa Pugh did not win the taste test we will not give him too much of a ribbing as he provided us with a very good roast potato tip which he picked up from Mr Michael Ball himself only last week!

marmite 6

The crispy potatoes served up with our lovely dinner yesterday were very tasty, and cooked with Grandpa Pugh’s new secret recipe as follows:

Par boil your peeled and cut potatoes for around ten minutes, heating oil in the oven at the same time.

Take your potatoes out of the water and coat them in mustard before rolling them in some semolina. Add the potatoes to the oil and add to the oven. Cook for twenty minutes, remove the potatoes from the oven and turn them in the oil, put back in the oven for another twenty minutes or until golden brown.

We can very much recommend these, a great little recipe from Grandpa Pugh!

And for those of you still thinking about Marmite, the differences between the two are that Squeezy Marmite is neither as dark a brown colour or as thick as its original in jar brother!