A spoon full of Sugar!


So a very Merry Christmas day was had by all members of Team Pugh!

candyfloss 2

Lots and lots of lovely gifts were received and here are some of the highlights:

Lizzie received a little laptop that is designed to teach her French, she got two pairs of beautiful shoes, lots of jigsaw puzzles and books, soft toys and lots of noise making equipment! Becksie got lots of cookery books, a beautiful old bread bowl, a new steamer and some new hair bobbles (she was down to her last one and it was #manky)! Ian got a big wooly jumper, a little sign to instruct Becksie if the chickens have been fed, lots of biscuits and……………………. A rather special joint present with Aunty Leah from Little Granny and Grandad!

Now this present was something of a wonder to team Leah and Ian as they have previously tried and failed (in Becksie’s opinion) to make something very dear to them with just a pan and a spoon! That’s right ladies and gentlemen Leah and Ian are now the proud (joint) owners of……………………………… a Candyfloss machine!

candyfloss 3

They spent a good part of Christmas day evening perfecting the art of Candyfloss making and exclaiming at how little sugar is needed to make a big soft stick of the stuff they love so much and how therefore it is in fact ‘healthy’!

So here are some photos of the new machine beast and the ‘healthy’ (haha) treats they produced!

candyfloss 5




candyfloss 5

candyfloss 6

We hope you also had a fantastic Christmas day and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our wee blog, if you haven’t already followed us please consider doing so as our 100th follower is in for a little treat!

Merry Christmas

Lots of Love

Team Pugh xx


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