Family games and Festive Eats

cranberry 6

So today was spent seeing family and friends – a most lovely day including a few family games old and new, some carols by candle light and some festive porridge for supper!

The old favourite ‘winter baby summer baby’ – don’t ask! In a nut shell a number of years ago Becksie’s Little Mummy sat at the dinner table and suddenly exclaimed ‘ooooooooo isn’t it weird we’ve sat in a pattern look it goes ‘winter baby, summer baby, winter baby, summer baby’! So now whenever a group of us are together we like to check for patterns in birthdays and seating order! Confused? Thought so! Its complete nonsense and there are a million technicalities (as in spring and autumn people) but trust us its HUGE amounts of fun!  So after a round of this delight our attentions turned to a new game…………………………………………..

Brace yourself this one is about as good as ‘Winter baby, Summer baby’! As Becksie’s lovely cousin Josh had just flown back to the UK accompanied by his new and very beautiful wife (who happens to be American) our attentions turned to the subtle differences between English English and American English! So the game……….. which we don’t yet have a name for………………. goes like this – free-for-all shout out examples! Our favourites:

Buggy – Stroller

Coffee Mate – Creamer

Pavement – Sidewalk

Nappy – Diaper

Bumbag – Fanny Pack

Trousers – Pants

You get the drift! Again this sounds like a terrible way to entertain yourself but…………. we had a good half hour of extreme laughter!

After all this excitement we popped off to candle lit carols in the lovely church where Becksie and Ian tied the knot – it was very beautiful and Lizzie had some fun with some older boys and girls!

And so it was home for final festive preparations, a quick house clean and supper of festive porridge complete with a cranberry sauce! Yummy!

cranberry 3


cranberry 2

In case you fancy making the cranberry sauce – here’s the recipe in extremely brief form:

  • 50g light muscovado sugar
  • 50ml orange juice
  • 125g fresh cranberries

cranberry 1

Put the sugar and orange juice into a pan, bring to the boil. Add the cranberries and simmer until tender but still holding their shape.

And here’s another simple quick recipe we saw and didn’t believe would work so we made a very small sample to try and they are delicious, quick and incredibly good for you…….

cranberry 4

Date and Raw Coco truffles!

10 soft dates
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (plus some for coating truffles)
A few drops of vanilla essence

(makes approx 10 truffles)

Simply place all the ingredients in a pestle and mortar and mash together, when mixed take small spoons of the mixture roll into balls and coat in powder!


cranberry 5

Merry Christmas!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Family games and Festive Eats

  1. Your new game sounds a bit like what still goes on in our house (after 20 years!) as I am a Kiwi married to a Brit, we still have giggles when I say ‘do the dishes’ and he says ‘ do the pots’ etc. :o)

  2. Just stopping by to say I am follower number 77! I came across your blog via Food stories & am looking forward to having a read of your ambitious task over the Festive period!

  3. When I married I found Ollie and I had different names for little alleyways/walks which run between two roads. I was brought up with “snickets”. Hubby’s family (as English as mine) have “twitchels”. Both rather lovely words!

  4. One of our favourite games is the Argos game. Pick an Argos (or any catalogue) and ask your friends/family to pick a page number then an article number and that’s what they’ve won! It’s fun trying to happen upon the pages where the hideous novelty clocks, plates etc are. You can also play this with the medical dictionary (this game’s called ‘You’ve got…’) or ‘Who’s Who’/’Dictionary of National Biography’ (‘You’re going out with…). You get the gist. Best played after a bit of festive imbibing.

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