Minor Surgery and a Freezing Cold Experiment!


We woke up after only a small amount of sleep, not because we have a baby but because Ian was up at 3 am performing minor surgery on his finger after he shut in the car door yesterday. The minor surgery does not bear discussing but needless to say it involved his nail and a red hot pin – yuk. we started  the day with boiled eggs and toast, they were even brought to the table by Café Pugh and tasted extremely lovely (Ian did have a minor melt down during the boiling process but he was cooking with one less finger active than normal)! After breakfast we went off to do some last minute Christmas shopping which was a minor success!

So tonight finds us wrapping and still making stuff for Christmas – we are extremely tired and as usual thought we’d have everything in the bag by six pm! Ha ha! We promise to share some of our Christmas makes with you but until the big day they will remain a secret!

One thing that we can share is an idea we’ve been meaning to road test for several years, we have finally managed to do a trial run with days to spare! Oooooooooooo! this very exciting idea is a table centre piece with a difference…. – it’s made of ice!

icey 4

Having thought about this for several years we can’t remember where we first saw it, so apologies if your reading this thinking ‘hang on a minute, this is my idea’! We have a vague recollection of it being something to do with a Jamie Oliver show, and if you are reading this Jamie perhaps you could retweet it to all of your 2 million followers? You have turned your back on Sainsbury’s like us after all!

So….. to make a table centre piece ice sculpture you will need; a vessel, some festive bits and bobs (can we suggest holly, cranberries and foliage), water and a freezer or an extremely freezing cold night.


icey 1




Simply place your festive ensemble in an arrangement of your choice in your vessel, fill with water and freeze. Once the water has frozen turn out into a deep dish and place as a centre piece on your table. When the ice sculpture melts you will be left with a floating flower arrangement – it’s a win – win situation!

icey 5

We can declare the test run a success and we are planning one for Christmas day that is made in a much more interesting shape vessel! Perhaps also we also might attempt using the base of an old lemonade bottle with another bottle inside to make a wine cooler – ooo fancy pants!

And if you are struggling for freezer room at this time of year you could always do this on Christmas eve after you have got your turkey out!!!


6 thoughts on “Minor Surgery and a Freezing Cold Experiment!

  1. Looks brill – I seem to remember seeing something similar before as well made with two glass bowls, Im thinking something to dow tih Kirstie Allsop maybe?

  2. Cannot believe how frost free and spacious your freezer looks. WOuld be too embarrassed to take a pic of mine! Fab idea-I had given up on the idea of a centrepiece as running out of time, but that might well be a go-er!! Thankyou 🙂

    • Haha – well don’t be too amazed the reason this freezer is a) spacious and b)frost free is that we cleared it out for our reason batch cook and have pretty much eaten all of this due to being low on time!! Glad the idea saves you some time – it really does only take a few minutes! Much love x

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