Cotton Wool, Amongst Other Things……

cotton wool 4

Today Becksie went for a nice meal with her friend at a local garden centre and bumped into a super-A list celebrity – none other than Take That’s Mark Owen – amazing!!! So amazing in fact that she inadvertently locked her keys in the boot of her car – mega oops!!

A quick jaunt from work later Ian  appeared like the 4th emergency service with his set of keys, just in time to hear Becksie on the 6 o’clock news give a little pre-recorded interview on a local radio station, very exciting indeed – it seems A Year Without Supermarkets is a news worthy cause, we are very glad that so many people seem to be getting as excited about it as we are!

Also this evening Becksie met a lady from the WI about setting up a new local branch to take place in the evening for all those people who cannot attend the local day group, very very exciting – watch this space for more details!!

Whilst Ian was on baby duty his mind started to wander to cotton wool (you will see why in a minute).

Now before you have a baby cotton wool is one of those items that you assume is vital to all parents. When waiting the long 9 months for your baby to brew you slowly stockpile a small mountain of the stuff, along with more useful items like nappies and wipes. When little baby makes their big entrance into the world you get more cotton wool with presents. For the first few weeks you use cotton wool continually to wipe baby’s face and give baby a wash, before you realise that it is far easier to bath said baby than give them a strip wash and to wipe their face with wet wipes.

So…… what to do with 30,000 pleats of cotton wool? Here are our top 5 cotton wool using tips!!

Use for growing cress and other micro salads!!


Use for stuffing pin cushions.

cotton wool 3

Use with alcohol gel to clean the sink and taps – gets them sparkling!

Use for an alternative Christmas snow scenecotton wool 1

Have baby (with help from Dad – hence the cotton wool cogitations) make very attractive original Christmas cards for all the family!!

cotton wool 2


Any other cotton wool using suggestions gratefully received!!!!


2 thoughts on “Cotton Wool, Amongst Other Things……

  1. Ooh I have a use for cotton wool if you still have some (sorry this is a little late!). It’s also good for Christmas as it’s part of a Father Christmas on a swing (I’m sure you could also make it into a snowman to use more cotton wool!).

    You need to draw a man with sturdy legs and a hat with a bobble on the end out of thick ish cardboard and cut him out. Paint him a nice festive colour (my old ones were red as they were Father Christmas in his red suit) then add blobs of cotton wool onto the end of his hat and as a beard (he must have had a face but I’m struggling to remember!). Next paint a cardboard loo roll inner brown to look like a log. Stick his legs onto the log so he is ‘sitting’ on it and then thread some elastic or string through the log and through his hands, then this can be used to attach him to the ceiling. This has reminded me how much fun making Christmas decorations is! 🙂

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