Week 7 shopping featuring an onion the size of Lizzie’s head!

shopping week 7

So today saw our 7th shopping trip since we started our Supermarket boycott on the 5th of Novemeber 2012!  So far we’ve had loads of fun, saved loads of money, met new friends and eaten some really tasty food! So far we’ve got 69 people following our blog and we really want to increase this so much so we’re offering a prize to our 100th follower! So……….. if your reading this and haven’t yet followed this blog then, well……………….. sign up and you won’t miss a thing!

shopping week 7 (3)

Now for a few weeks we’ve been saving lots of our budget but as its Christmas we decided to push the boat out and spend our whole 50 quid! So we tried really hard and still had a cool 83p change hehe! We got some absolutely beautiful items including yummy yummy cheese, some wonderful posh brown sauce (we’d run out of our stock and Becksie loves brown sauce and was feeling a little panicky that we had none in – perhaps in the new year we could make our own??), cranberries, a pineapple, fish! Who says shopping local means limited choice!!!!!!!!

shopping week 7 (5)shopping week 7 (7)shopping week 7 (6)

shopping week 7 (8)

We also got from the deli (although confession we actually bought it on Saturday – don’t worry we took the money off this weeks shopping budget) an onion that is the size of Lizzie’s head – it is shouting ‘make me into French onion soup’!!!!

shopping week 7 (9)

So after the delights of the deli, the market and the cheese shop we went over to the other butchers in Faringdon ‘Pat Thomas Butchers’! We went into a crowded shop (wow the meat must be good) and were treated like royality! The shop is not only a place of beauty with its great selection of meat, tiled and saw dusted floor but the staff were uber friendly! We are pretty sure we were served by Pat (the) Butcher himself (although don’t worry he didn’t have any large earrings swinging from his ears, ok ok terrible Eastenders joke) and it was really obvious that he really cared about the meat he was selling! After our purchases he even let us take a photo (of his back hehe)! We’ve yet to eat any of his meat but we are very confident it will be uber tasty and from the shopping experience alone we are giving PAT THOMAS BUTCHERS the Team Pugh thumbs up!

shopping week 7 (1)

shopping week 7 (2)

So………..another successful shop!

And…………. here’s our change!

shopping week 7 (4)


5 thoughts on “Week 7 shopping featuring an onion the size of Lizzie’s head!

  1. What an brilliant festive shop(loving the pineapple and cranberries! Are you having Christmas dinner at Chez Pugh? Very cute Lizzie/onion pic 🙂

  2. Great post, Im really impressed you are getting meat in your shop as well. Weve got a ‘real’ butchers like that in our local shops, they really are brilliant! :o)

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