The great gift exchange – our side of the story

Gift swap 2So you may remember we have entered into a gift exchange with the lovely folk over at my make do and mend year! You can read all about it from our point of view here and from their point of view here.

So the rules stated:

We will each produce a gift for the other family – it must be postable!

• Neither family must buy anything new and / or from a supermarket in order to produce this. In fact in order to not add a penny of extra expense to the festive season and in order to keep this idea environmentally friendly we must not buy anything at all and forage from our existing supplies!
• As we can’t put a financial limit on it, and so that neither of us feel pressured to spend hours making something the item must be made within one hour!
• As we only know each other from reading our respective blogs we can ask the other family 3 questions to help shape what we make and send!

So we asked our three questions:

1)If your family were a colour what colour would you be?
2) Pattern or plain?
3) Does the daddy member (or any other member) of your family have extra long feet or are they just regular? 

And then they replied:

1)Ummmmm, I have no idea. Maybe green. Ish. Gosh, this is hard!!
2) I would say pattern in a garish retro flowered type pattern but not so sure the boys would agree-maybe we’re safer sticking with plain..!
3) Hubby is a size 11-that is quite clown like I think.

And then there was an update reply saying that after more family consultation they had decided that the answer to question 1 would indeed be both yellow and green!

So with the answers to our questions safely in our custody we set to work foraging around the house to find the items we would need! This process took a while and in the mean time more emails, tweets and texts were exchanged between Becksie and Jen and we decided that we should in fact meet to exchange our gifts in person………………….so our first date is set for tomorrow at ………….. a soft play centre (only parents would be excited about this as a meeting location) 🙂

gift swap 1

So a few days ago, as the date of our exchange was fast looming and our idea was firmly in our head we started to feel the pressure! We knew what to make but the rules stated we only had an hour!

So we thought outside the box and realised that the make must take place within an hour but it didn’t state how many people could work within this hour!!!!!!! So as the lady who originally taught Becksie to make the selected gift was here to make brownies we enlisted her to help and Mrs.A plus Team Pugh got to work.

Now when we were taught to make the item it wasn’t with recycled items so the process was a little different (you’ll see why very soon) and we are planning to post how to make this properly after the grand reveal so ………. sign up for email updates to be sure not to miss this – its a great gift that you can make for Christmas (plus our 100th follower is set to win a great prize)!

So …………………………. what is this gift we’ve been banging on about??

Well tune in tomorrow.

In the mean time we have been laughing so much at a video we saw today we thought (even though it is an advertising campaign – booo) we’d share it with you! If you did a little whoop in delight at the thought of soft play you’ll be in stitches.


The Motherhood feat. Fiat 500L