50 shades of Green!

tree 2

So it’s that time again…………….. it’s Christmas tree time!

So since having our own house we have had a total of 9 Christmas trees! They started in their wee Derby flat with a wilko plastic jobby complete with poundland’s finest decorations! The plastic tree came out the following year but as Katie the cat had now joined the team as soon as we tried to put the lights on it we realised that it was not going to withstand her weight! So we progressed to a real tree with more sophisticated trimmings purchased in a garden centre! For a number of years the tree was real with traditional decorations and then we started adding dried fruit et al to the tree! Now this was very lovely and we were quite proud but after a while we got bored!!  So last year we decided that we would have an artistic stick and light affair! It was very elegant and lop sided but was sooooooooo easy to take down!

tree 10tree 9tree 11tree 12

Now this is our first year with a baby and perhaps we should have gone and purchased a big tree with lots of baubles etc but somehow we couldn’t justify spending a large sum of money on something that is so temporary. We know we could get an artificial one that would last but……………….. we wanted to have a really outrageous one before Lizzie is really bothered and so…………………………………… we scratched our heads and came up with a crazy master plan that would form this year’s tree which is in fact a piece of modern art! Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh! Don’t get to excited we are by no means artists but we decided that by calling it modern art we could get away with our outrageous and weird tree before next year sucking it up and going to buy a real tree which we promise to adorn with beautiful baubles etc etc!

tree 1tree 3tree 4tree 5

So what do all pieces of modern art need………..

A title and an explanation!

Our tree is called ‘La tree old hardboard et crayons melted avec cotton wool snow scene’!

The explanation!   In our year without supermarkets we can’t seem to justify a trip to B and Q etc to select a tree, we had some old hardboard and a massive box of old crayons (including  50  shades of green) and loads and loads and loads of cotton wool and thought why not! Also its our final year of experimenting before we settle down to be proper parents providing our child with a proper tree.

tree 7

But………………………. Please don’t despair all you who are thinking poor Lizzie as Grannie and Grandpa Pugh have a proper style Christmas tree that Lizzie can oooooo and arrrrrr at so all is not lost!

tree 8


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  1. Actually, it’s rather good! But I still ike a real tree I’m afraid and little Miss D will have Grandma and Grandad Lewis’ tree (and I think Nanny and Grumpa Atkinson’s) to ooh and ahh at!!! Happy Christmas!

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