So its still very very chilly and also still very very beautiful! Now a chilly day in this house means that we light the fire!


So to light our fire we take a nasty smelling fire lighter from a hazardous looking packet, strike a match, add some sticks and we’re away! Well most of the time this is the case – some days the blasting thing just won’t light – one such day was the day Becksie got new slippers………. This was because she got so cross that it wouldn’t light she used her old slippers as a firelighters – they were a trip hazard so it wasn’t a waste and the fire went with a roar! The other day whilst lighting the fire it occurred to us that while the fire lighters we use may work they aren’t particularly nice little chaps so……….. you’ve guessed it we’re trying an alternative!

shopping week 5 (5)

Scratch head!

Becksie’s new slippers? No way they are far to comfy and are in Becksie’s opinion beautiful (isn’t it funny the things we find beauty in frosty cobwebs, slippers, a lovely cup of tea, fabric, knitted items for babies, Mrs.Atkinson’s brownies…. Tune in tomorrow to learn more)

smashing 10

Ok maybe Ian could stand for a very long time rubbing sticks together???? Nah he doesn’t even have time to eat breakfast so this is flawed!

Oooooo maybe we could get a magnifying glass and angle it at the sun? Oh dear we don’t own a magnifying glass and its dark!

Petrol? No much worse than the firelighters – that’s like stopping shopping in supermarkets for a year and opening up your own branch of Sainsburys!

So what have we done? Well last night for our pudding we munched our way through some delicious oranges we got at the deli in Highworth (don’t oranges always taste better near Christmas?) so we chopped off the peel, dried it on top of the boiler and today when we lit the fire we used a piece of dried orange peel!

spray cleaner 1

orange 1

orange 2

It worked a treat, saved it from the bin (or the vinegar jar) and made a lovely scented natural firelighter! Happy Days!


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