Pink Fizz and Icicles

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As we find ourselves getting just a tad stressed by Christmas shopping, a tad tired from all the things we seem to have on we wake once again to find that Ian has pressed snooze on the alarm and it is indeed time to get up and we are in fact (surprise surprise) running late! So off Ian runs (passing through the kitchen empty handed – double oopss) Becksie and Lizzie get up eat breakfast and start to do the million jobs they need to do before heading out to meet mummy and baby friends to exchange secret santa gifts! So all is a bit stressful and its cold and we can’t be bothered to get sorted or leave the house blah blah blah you get the picture!

So we finally leave the house with 15 minutes to spare and a 25 minute walk and 20 minutes of jobs to do in town (triple oops) and Becksie is feeling flustered, cold and all a bit bah humbug, out of the door we step and………………………..

We are greeted by a simply beautiful winter wonderland! Our own personal Narnia! We stop, we look around, we say ‘oooooo’ and ‘aaaaaawwww’ out loud! We run back in the house and get the camera and then we stroll up the lane capturing magical images suddenly feeling full of the joys of Christmas and remembering what it’s all really about! Suddenly the time seems to stand still and nothing really matters anymore and we feel very grateful for what we have! And so here we have it the pictures from today’s journey! We hope you enjoy them and that they make you take a breath and feel happy too! Oh and one more thing the pink fizz, a tasty lemonade treat that we took to share with our friends! Delicious!

Merry Christmas!

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And when we thought we couldn't feel any happier we see this! Some child thinks the 'frost is cool today' - works on so many levels!

And when we thought we couldn’t feel any happier we see this! Some child thinks the ‘frost is cool today’ – works on so many levels!


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  1. Loving the photos taken on the way to ours today! Very wintery and one of the things I love about the winter months! X

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