Nearby Highworth

shopping week 6 (6)

So as Becksie has plans tomorrow and will therefore miss all the delights of Faringdon market, she decided to do a Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall and make a trip to ‘nearby’ Highworth (this is a long running joke between Becksie and Ian, basically in a nutshell having watched pretty much every TV show HFW has ever made it has been noted that wherever he goes always has the word ‘nearby’ inserted neatly before it – this notion has kind of stuck)!

‘Nearby’ Highworth is only about six miles from the mighty metropolis they call Faringdon so we can still revel in the fact that we shopped local! Highworth has a really sweet high street and a rather nice deli! Lizzie and Becksie enjoyed pottering around and were extremely happy with their lovely fruit and vegetable purchases (especially the longest leek in the world)! They were also rather impressed with the gift emporium where they purchased some excellent Christmas gift (thank goodness, we were starting to panic on this Christmas shopping front)!

shopping week 6 (5)

So after our fruit and veg purchases we headed back to Faringdon to try out one of the butchers we hadn’t yet visited and here we purchased a couple of carrots and a few red onions oh and what we went in for some sausages – this weeks selection…….. pork and leek!

It was then on to the local newsagents and shop for cream, cereal, cream cheese, loo roll, hand soap, washing liquid, fabric softener , cheese biscuits, gravy powder (a little deal – two for two pound, not because we want to batch cook gravy!!!) and some intriguing looking prawn cracker style nibbles!

shopping week 6 (3)

So, we hear you ask how much – £31.92! We do still need to pop into The Hare in the Woods as we’ve got some fancy pants sugar on order but its not fancy enough to cost more than £18.08p so we’re guessing the savings account will be getting a cash splash!

shopping week 6 (4)

In conclusion we simply love our life post-supermarket! Three cheers for local shopping!!