Snatching walnut flapjack from the defeat of orange marmalade making!

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Today we have a lovely guest post from Becksie’s Auntie Janet!
Over to you Auntie Jan…………………………….
I have a friend who is Queen Marmalade. Every January (when the Seville oranges are in the shops) she makes enough marmalade to eat and spread to her family and sometimes me! About 60 lb.s in all or 60 x 450g. Inspired by the taste and her assurance of ‘it is very easy to make’ I set to work. Hubby was away for the weekend, so having bought the Seville oranges, sugar etc. and with much enthusiasm out came the preserving pan.
Several hours later, I ended up with a pan full of a dark runny caramel coloured substance, full of orange flavour but not marmalade ‘as we know it’, or my friend makes. HUGE disappointment! ? chuck it out? In the end, having put the ‘goo’ into jars, it got stored on the pantry shelf as ‘out of sight, out of mind’.
Until several months later having tried a piece of walnut and orange walnut flapjack from the local deli. at (£1 85p) per slice, I had a light bulb moment!
Another friend had given me a recipe for soft flapjack, so instead of using the golden syrup I used my orange ‘goo’ marmalade.
Wow, the result was fantastic, so much so that I made more and more all last winter, and any visitor got to sample and drool over the flapjack!
So have a go at marmalade making, confident that should it not go quite to plan, no marmalade will be wasted.
(my mistake on the marmalade making was not boiling it fast enough to reach the setting point and keeping it boiling rapidly until the setting point was reached)
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Walnut & orange marmalade flapjack

Contains NUTS



6oz. butter or marg.

6oz. brown sugar.

4 1/2 tablespoons of orange marmalade (consistency of golden syrup)

9oz. rolled oats

3oz. wholewheat flour. (can use rice flour if on a wheat free diet)

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder.

4oz. chopped walnuts


Melt in a pan,  butter/sugar/marmalade

In a bowl, stir together,  oats, flour, baking pwd., chopped walnuts.

Stir in melted ingredients, mix well coating the oats well.

Cook in a well greased and floured 22cm. square tin, at 180 degrees, gas mark 4 until golden. Approx. 20 to 25 mins.

The mixture will rise to twice its height, and will be fairly soft.

It will sink down again and harden when cool.

Mark into portions soon after taking it out of the oven, cut up when cold.

If liked,  shake icing sugar on the top.

Keeps well (if you can resist eating it)


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    • Auntie Jan says the following …. ‘I don’t peel the oranges ! You can cook them whole, Mrs Beetons pressure cooker method. You do have to slice the peel up when cold, however it is easy as it is soft. Also all the pectin is in the pips which need to be squeezed well and added to juice ,peel etc.’

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