Team Pugh Spray Cleaner 3000!

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So our first batch of kitchen cleaner has nearly gone and we can declare it a most excellent success that has saved us at least two pounds! The spray cleaned nicely, left things sparkling and smelt great, but it could have done with a bit more power cutting through grease. A quick search through our book of knowledge (google) suggested adding a touch of vinegar to the mix to help cut through grease.

Now vinegar has an awful lot of uses and an awful lot going for it, except for the awful smell! With this in mind we have hatched a little plan to make sure that the added vinegar does not make our house smell like a fish and chippery!

A rather ingenious plan to improve the smell of Team Pugh Spray Cleaner Mk II makes use of orange peel (which is amazing in itself – several more orange peel related ideas that might make their way to you soon – just in time for the remains of your Christmas oranges)!

Simply take your orange peel (we also used some lemon peel left over from dinner), fill a jar and add the vinegar! Leave it for two weeks for vinegar that smells of citrus!

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Cleaning products were one of the things we thought we might struggle without being able to buy in the supermarkets, however with a bit of thought, research and some old wives tales we have come up with some thrifty solutions so far, including:

  1. Freshening our mattress by sprinkling liberally with bicarbonate of soda, leave for 4 -5 hours and then vacuum  – fresh fresh fresh
  2. Removing pet hair from the carpet and sofa – by putting a rubber glove on and rubbing back and forth – see the hair disappear
  3. Freshening our microwave – by placing half a lemon in a bowl of water and microwaving for 3 minutes – makes the microwave smell fresh and loosens stubborn stains.
  4. Soaking a couple of wet wipes in a little hot water and fabric conditioner then drying. Once dried place them in the dirty laundry basket – this will keep the basket smelling fresh.
  5. Treating our house plants to the occasional shower – it gets rid of all of the dust and freshens the leaves right up.

Feel free to leave us any of your own thrifty cleaning tips! Our next challenge is washing powder which is looking dangerously low!!


7 thoughts on “Team Pugh Spray Cleaner 3000!

  1. Great idea! My plan for the New Year (as well as jumping on the no supermarket bandwagon) is to experiment with some homemade household cleaners, and maybe even some toiletries!

  2. Did you use malt or distilled malt vinegar? I think the distilled version has a less strong smell so might be better.

    Interesting to see the ‘old fashioned’ tips making a comeback – I remember the ‘half a lemon in bowl of water’ one for freshening the microwave from when I got my first microwave, way back when Daisy’s mummy was a small as Daisy!!! lol 🙂

    • Aww – Little Jenny – I bet she was a cutey 🙂 We used malt but this is a top tip! Had a sneaky sniff of the vinegar yesterday and already it smells of oranges and lemons!

  3. I find good old fashioned soda crystals dissolved in a little warm water will clean almost anything, especially greasy hobs. I’m sure a good ironmonger would sell a box. Also borax which they sell in chemists has lots of cleaning uses. Are you allowing yourself to buy online? Annie

  4. I love you lot and admire what your doing but i would say be careful if you start using borax and the like as horrible as big companies are they have to adhere to rules and regs while borax is only a mild irritant with a little child in the house i’d just check the msds of any chemicals putting into cleaning substances.

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