Two out of Three ain’t bad!

leah 8

Total savings to date!

So today marks one month (to the date) since we went supermarket free! It’s been exciting, interesting, tasty, has brought us new friends (both cyber and real life) and has really made a massive impact on our life!

Not only have we changed the way we shop we’ve changed our whole ethos and we really feel we are on our way to a much simpler, cheaper life (good job really as Becksie’s maternity pay is soon to run out #SCARY)! And so on ‘ s first month birthday we’d like to take the chance to offer you a few updates and then as we went out for dinner to Auntie Leah’s a photo tribute to our winter picnic by the fire!

Updates are as follows:

And now for the photo’s of our dinner (it was so toasty by the fire we decided to eat on the floor)!

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  1. Is that how much you saved out of your £50 a week budget? That is awesome! I will tell hubby to try and persaude him! Love your geust blog on Food Stories-love your family story!

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