Happy Market / New Deli Shoppers!

Look at these lovely toms!

Look at these lovely toms!

So today we not only managed to get up for breakfast but we managed to do this weeks non-supermarket shop and only spend £27.64! This is incredible given that today we were mostly after store cupboard ingredients (we have enough fresh fruit and veg to see us through a week)! We were extremely excited and pleased with our purchases! And the cherry on the cake was that the food shop was fun, and as we get to know the market traders and shop keepers, a bit of a social occasion!

shopping week 5 (2)

We are delighted with the massive bag of oats we purchased for  …… a fiver!!! Another highlight today was shopping in our new local deli, it is beautiful, set up with a lot of love, incredibly well styled, smells delish, is very reasonable and has the cutest brown paper bags that are so cute we could cry!

shopping week 5 (3)

Talking of bags as we unpacked the shopping it really struck us that there is yet another massive benefit from going supermarket free – our house is much less full of plastic carrier bags and our food packaging waste is virtually none (we discovered today we can just take the same egg box to the egg stall for a refill) and this makes us feel very happy!


So as we add another £22.36p to our savings, stash away 2 carrier bags and an egg box for reuse and pack the fridge and pantry with amazing ingredients we feel very grateful for what we have!

Oh and keep your fingers crossed for us, the farmers market were running a free raffle to win the items below!

market raffle

Tonight’s tea is being cooked for free on top of the fire and the star ingredient is yet more Derek the Deer!

Oh and one more thing Lizzie and Becksie also purchased Ian / Daddy a wintery treat but…………………….. he took rather a beating in the bottom of the buggy – oops! Never mind he will still taste the same!

shopping week 5 (4)


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  1. Hey Becksie
    Great post. I love your photos. Where do you get all your staples like pasta, flour and sugar from? I am thinking it through, and have even sounded hubby out about going supermarket free in the New Year..!

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