The Great Gift Exchange

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls may I welcome you to Team Pugh’s Christmas preparation discussion forum!

Agenda item number one!

Where's 7?

Where’s 7?

Team Pugh’s unusually early thoughts about Christmas!

Those of you that have the pleasure (or misfortune) of personally knowing us will know that we are not very organised when it comes to Christmas, we HATE Christmas shopping because its hard work and the shops are basically full of tat! So normally our approach is to think up a list, browse the net and then make about 3 trips that usually last a good proportion of the day and are stressful and boring! Last year we even went so far as to try to make a game of it – the game was….. ‘lets pretend it’s Christmas Eve (sorry Leah’s birthday) and we have to do all of our shopping in 2 hours’! Guess what, it didn’t work!

Now a few things have changed since last year and we are slightly more into the festive preparation! The first big change is that we now have a child – so hopefully some of the magic of Christmas will return (we must google what the whole Santa jazz is all about as we can’t really remember – or maybe we won’t even bother to feed our child this Santa jazz? Ok that’s perhaps cruel but Santa is something of a misnomer – aren’t parents meant to teach children not to lie!?). The second big change is that Becksie has more time due to not being at work (although she feels much busier and happier than she did at work) and the third big change is that we have started writing this blog and have become supermarket free.

Now we know we didn’t use supermarkets to buy our Christmas gifts (well maybe a few) so in many ways our Christmas shopping should be the same. However, the journey that stopping shopping in supermarkets is taking us on has actually really changed us as have the people we are meeting!

So this Christmas we are starting our preparation earlier so that we can do a few different things along the way (after Christmas we will share some of these ideas but for now most are top secret)! However, there are a couple of things we can share. Instead of buying a gift for our friend Mary we have agreed to do a ‘Christmas Crap Swap’ – this means that we are going to exchange something that to us is now consider ‘crap’ to us but to the other person will be a treasure of delights! We know that Mary P Rooney is giving us (we are VERY excited) a pasta machine! And we can now reveal that we shall be giving her this delightful mat! We hope she will love it!

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The second thing we can share is something we extremely excited about and something that would never have come about without and the happy world of Twitter!

A short time ago we were ‘twintroduced’ (awful terrible joke, apologies) to an absolutely excellently fantastic fellow blogger! We owe this introduction to Helen at Fair and Funky, Helen thought Jen and Becksie would have stuff in common and it turns out she should be called Helen the Wise as Becksie and Jen seem to have a lot in common.

Jen and her family, that’s Mr. Jen and Big Small and Small Small are living a very special year this year has been titled ‘my make do and mend year’ and is a fantastic journey which entails a year of making, making do and mending and buying nothing new! Definitely go and check out their blog and sign up for email updates – Oh and if you haven’t already signed up for our email updates please do so (our 100th follower is in for a bit of a prize)!

So what are we going to do? Well our plan is to have our very first (and hopefully annual ;)) Gift Exchange (you can read all about Jen’s take on this very subject here).

And here my friends is the Introduction, the rules and the how:
In the spirit of both of our blogs and to celebrate our shared ethos and the time of year we call Christmas we have decided to start a ‘buy nothing (especially nothing from those pesky supermarkets), homemade gift exchange’ – so through our email discussions (we are of course cyber buddies) we have come up with a set of rules:
• We will each produce a gift for the other family – it must be postable!
• Neither family must buy anything new and / or from a supermarket in order to produce this. In fact in order to not add a penny of extra expense to the festive season and in order to keep this idea environmentally friendly we must not buy anything at all and forage from our existing supplies!
• As we can’t put a financial limit on it, and so that neither of us feel pressured to spend hours making something the item must be made within one hour!
• As we only know each other from reading our respective blogs we can ask the other family 3 questions to help shape what we make and send!

Very very exciting!

Don't worry we are not sending a cat!

Don’t worry we are not sending a cat!

So we have asked the Make do and Menders our three questions and they have replied :
If your family were a colour what colour would you be? Ummmmm, I have no idea. Maybe green. Ish. Gosh, this is hard!!
2) Pattern or plain? I would say pattern in a garish retro flowered type pattern but not so sure the boys would agree-maybe we’re safer sticking with plain..!
3) Does the daddy member (or any other member) of your family have extra long feet or are they just regular? Hubby is a size 11-that is quite clown like I think.
And now we have their answers we have decided on our gift and have to forage the rich larder they call our house for the materials before we sit down for 1 hour to make our gift! Keep posted for more information and to find out what we make and what we receive!


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  1. Love the ‘crap-swap’ idea! Will definitely be instigating this. I am intrigued, and trying to guess from from your questions what you are going to be making…!

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