Team Pugh’s New Years resolution!


new year 1

So as we mentioned yesterday New Years Eve is not Becksie’s favourite day of the year so…… we have spent a quiet day mostly grumping about! Tonight we have plans so …… Continue reading


New Year approaching Grumps!

grumpy becksie

So what to blog about today? Perhaps another craft based gift? But………….Can’t seem to find the enthusiasm given that the whole Christmas thing is so (very nearly) last year. Ok, maybe a tasty recipe (after all this is a food blog and we’ve been totally rubbish at this lately) – but no…… again no real enthusiasm! Ok maybe a little tale about how we’ve spent our day? But…………. Nah, although the day’s activities is great blog fodder we fancy doing a really good post about this very soon (if your itching to know we have been sorting out the utility room and don’t worry we have before and after shots)!  Ok maybe some supermarket based ramblings………………phhaff can’t be bothered!

Oh very dear! So throughout the day Becksie has been getting progressively grumpier and perhaps a little snappy and it was only Continue reading

A spot of crafty craft

So you may remember that we made our friends over at my make do and mend year a Quillow. Now this is something that we learnt from our lovely friend Jenny (aka Mrs. Atkinson of brownie fame) and we promised a while ago to do a tutorial well………………………. we still haven’t got ourselves into gear for this! Apologies, it is Christmas and we vowed today to have a day relaxing by the fire (we are uber rubbish at relaxing so this has been something of a challenge) BUT don’t despair we can bring you yet another Mrs. Atkinson inspired goody!

Today’s tutorial …………………………………

Really lovely snazzy Noticeboards that look truly professional

notice 9

So you will need to assemble the following: Continue reading

Kings Heath #Local

shopping week 8 - 1So as we have spent a couple of days in Bruminghamshire we decided to do our shopping on our return journey, now although this isn’t truly local to us we decided it was economical and would save us a special shopping trip!

We went off to Kings Heath with high hopes of a lovely local shopping experience (well one of us is a full Brummie by birth, another of us is a Brummie by marriage and a former resident and the littlest one is a half Brummie by birth).

shopping week 8 - 2

As former residents of the area we know Kings Heath quite well and knew that it should be able to fulfil our shopping needs, we even managed to find somewhere to park for free within a 2 minute walk of the high street (Mr Pugh does not like to pay for parking)! Continue reading

A Few Foody Matters Concerning Grandpa Pugh

marmite 5So today’s post find us discussing a few food based issues concerning Ian’s dad aka Lizzie’s grandpa aka Becksie’s Father in law!

A few things you should know…………………………….

Grandpa Pugh is extremely competitive! Grandpa Pugh is a Marmite lover as is Becksie!

Ok, now you are in receipt of this information you may continue reading! Continue reading