Project Paul 55

project paul 1

So here’s the promised post about what we did for little daddy’s 55th birthday!

So for a few months (less than 55 months), Leah and Becksie have been working very hard on a top secret mission – a mission we’ve named ‘Project Paul 55’ – we named it this because it was a) a project b) it’s for our dad who’s called Paul and c) it was in celebration of his 55th birthday! Project Paul 55 aimed to not only show little daddy how much we love him but also give people who have known him throughout his 55 years (seeing how many age mentions we can get in – wonder if we can get to 55??) a chance to say nice things about him and share their memories of how he has been a part of their life.

project paul 5

So, we hear you ask, what is the gift?

Well the gift is a box filled with 365 envelopes, each envelope is labelled with a date and there is one for everyday of the coming year. Each envelope contains a different memory / photo / story / kind thought from lots of people who have been a part of little daddy’s life so far! The box of envelopes also comes with a scrapbook and a Project Paul 55 glue stick so that every day the envelope contents can be stuck in and should little daddy wish he can add notes to the memory – perhaps his version of events or a memory he gets that is triggered by someone else’s memory.

prject paul 4

So, we hear you ask, why did you do this?

  • Little daddy always moans about how people wait until people’s funerals to say nice things about them when they should tell them whilst they are alive.
  • It was very cheap we only had to buy envelopes, glue and a scrap book, and pay printing costs
  • It means that dad will get a gift everyday of the coming year
  • The scrapbook will last a lifetime
  • It was something we could do together
  • It meant we got to get in touch with lots of people who have also been a part of our lives

project paul 3

So, we hear you ask, how did we do it?

Well it was very simple really we sat down together and came up with a list of people we needed to contact. We then divided them up into how was best to contact them (email, phone, facebook, twitter) and then  – contacted them!! We then got all the memories together printed them, stuffed the 365 envelopes (we actually ended up with 385 which was fab because it meant dad had 20 to open on his birthday) mixed all the envelopes up so that it was totally random and labelled them with the date stickers. We covered the box and scrapbook in brown paper and presented it to little daddy, the newest member of club 55!

project paul 2

So, we hear you ask, would you mind if we do this as a gift for someone we love?

Not at all, in fact we’d be delighted and to help you here’s a rough copy of the email we sent:

Dear  …………..

We do hope this message finds you well.

As you may or may not know, it is our Dad’s 55th birthday on 29th November. After racking our brains for something suitable to buy him but to no avail (and in this time of double-dip recession) we have decided to make him a cheap-o present. Cheap-o presents, however, can be super sentimental. And this is where you come in…

Here is our plan: we are going to make Dad a whole year’s worth of presents. These year-long presents will be an envelope per day housing a memory.  We want to gather happy memories from people who are a part of Dad’s 55 years.  It would be great for you to be a part of this project as you are a special part of Dad’s life.

Here is what you need to do: think of two special memories that you have of Dad* (perhaps of something funny he has done, an event you went to with him, an annoying (but comical) trait he has, something he said to you or something that he did that made an impact on you).  So,

  1. Think of the memory
  2.  Email , post or call us with the memory (we are happy to send SAE or to call you)

Remember: this is top secret so please do not tell Dad.

*Please feel free to do more than two memories if you want (we do have 365 to collect…)

Our contact details are:

INSERT YOUR CONTACT DETAILS (we set up a special email account)!

Lots of Love …………………………