All things Bright and Breakfasty

Well first things first a very Happy 55th Birthday to Becksie’s daddy, Ian’s Father – in – law and Lizzie’s Grandad! We know yesterday we said we’d feature his birthday gift but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to read all about it as we are off out for a birthday meal meaning today’s blog post must be published before he receives his gift!

So what to discuss today Becksie thinks, as she watches Ian dash out the house in a flash with only a nanosecond to pass through the kitchen and leave empty handed! Still no ideas she proceeds to get up discovers the homemade bread stash is empty and pours a rather uninspired bowl of cereal and prepares a banana for Lizzie to munch on! And only as she lifts the first mouthful of cereal (it’s a little soft – the clip had fallen off the top – that is soooooooo annoying!) thinking this is naff does it hit her like a smack in the chops with a wet fish  – today’s blog post should be all about breakfast!

So we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we all also know that the mornings can be busy, stressful and people  (in our house the daddy shape character, and on Wednesdays also the Mummy and Baby shape character ) are frequently (ok nearly always) running late! So how to do we balance the fact that all family members should eat breakfast with the fact that most days Ian simply doesn’t have time and although Becksie and Lizzie eat breakfast currently, as life goes on and we have to start to factor in things like the school run it will get harder and yet even more important that we manage this process!

Ok – sit back, think long and hard (this is not a new problem Ian and Becksie have been facing this issue since way before Lizzie was on the scene)!

Ok – we know the answers, we’ve known all along, we are just rubbish at actually sorting out these issues! But hey, let’s focus on the positives – undertaking our year without supermarkets has been a sort of life laundry and we are making steps forward to a more simple, better life – we now grow our own salad, have a tidy and productive windowsill, have batch cooked meals in the freezer – so all we need to do is………………

Set ourselves another mini challenge in the shape of ‘Eating Breakfast together’!

This means that for the coming week we shall (starting officially on Monday but tomorrow can be a practice day) try the following:

A)     Becksie and Ian to go to bed before 10.30pm (this is our first problem the adult part of Team Pugh are dreadful at going to bed)

B)      Include breakfast prep in our night time routine – (this is currently have tea, one person baths Little’s, the other washes up) so from now on we will get the breakfast pots out and ready on the side and decide what we are going to have.

C)      Stop pressing snooze on the alarm

D)     Get up and eat together before Ian leaves the house on time at 7.30 (we will be exhausted so maybe the bed time thing won’t be so hard)

E)      Give some thought to some exciting breakfasts and get some homemade stuff ready in the freezer so that the process is smooth and the food isn’t just toast or cereal!

Wish us luck and keep posted for further details!!!