Wrap it up!


Tomorrow sees a certain guest blogger turn 55! So we have given his gift careful consideration, got his gifts ready to wrap (ssshhhhsss they are secret) gone to the wrapping paper cupboard only to discover it is EMPTY! Oh bother! So in normal circumstances with such a wrapping disaster on our hands we’d pop of to the supermarket and get whichever was prettiest, most appropriate and cheapest! This is obviously not an option and other shops that do sell it will not be open in the evening! So as we have a stuff to do tomorrow and really want the birthday shennanigans wrapped tonight we’ve decided to improvise! We can’t show you the final wrapped gifts as Becksie’s dad might see them (its very hard to disguise a brand new car with makeshift wrappings ;)) but we can show you how we made a most excellent bag and a beautiful bow! So please enjoy our photo tutorial! And come back tomorrow if you please for more birthday details!  

take one good quality carrier bag (Recognise this Jenny??)

cut thin strips of plastic from it

trim these down so you have 4 big pieces, 3 a little smaller, 2 smaller still and 1 about half the size of the original strip

retrieve double sided tape from baby

make each strip into a figure of 8 bow with the double sided tape

almost there!

start to layer bow on bow with double sided tape, starting with the biggest, soon it will look like the above!


now for the bag – take 2 sheets of newspaper and fold over the top edge twice and tape down

fold the paper around a cereal box, and tape it where the 2 edges join

fold the bottom in and tape up

add some handles (plastic bag strips work well) and add a little decoration and a tag!


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  1. Got the age wrong! Canna be that old. Can’t wait to see what’s in the lovely wrappings. New car sounds great but just taxed the 14 year old for another faithful year.

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