Our latest ‘Advent'(ure)!


With Christmas fever really starting to take hold we know it’s not very long until we hear the classic ‘holidays are coming, holidays are coming’ jingle of the coke a cola advert! And whilst while we are nowhere near as prepared as some (jenny has wrapped some gifts, Ian’s mum is storming ahead in the shopping stakes and has also wrapped many gifts) we are starting to think about the festive season! We have a small pile of gifts so far (and a list of ideas), oh and in typical Team Pugh style we have thought about Christmas food – oh the delights – cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets, christmas pudding,  more meat than you can shake a stick at and Cheese – glorious cheese! We must get truly organised and check out what markets are open so that we can buy and eat our festive delights!

So with Christmas countdown about to begin and Advent very fast approaching we wanted to make Lizzie an advent calendar that she will hopefully be able to use way beyond her childhood years. Now advent calendars are great but it is indeed something we would buy at the supermarket – we know the local news agent stocks them but in the spirit of our year without supermarkets we thought a home produced, reusable one was right up our street!

As Lizzie hasn’t yet learnt the art of chocolate loving we’ve decided to this year’s daily treats will come in the shape of a puzzle piece that will eventually make a complete jigsaw, some treats to be enjoyed by daddy and also in order some notes that will instruct Lizzie to spread a little Christmas joy to those around her! Okay so we know this year she is a little too young to understand but she has two willing helpers.  We hope this will become another yearly tradition that will bring joy to Lizzie but more importantly help Lizzie year on year bring joy to others on the countdown to Christmas and help in the stress of it all keep us focused on what really matters!

So here’s what we plan to do:

Cut out felt numbers 1 – 25 (you could leave it at 24 but we decided to include Christmas day itself and even gave it a bigger number).

Make 25 pockets (the size of your choice)

Stitch randomly onto the backing fabric (you could put the pockets in order but we figured it would be more fun to find the numbers every morning).

Hem the top and insert a piece of cane to use as a hanger.

Source a small puzzle

Write kind gesture instructions

Fill with treats, puzzle pieces and notes of kind gestures to be completed.

Hang up

Let the countdown commence!

Tune in on the first of December in order to see the completed calendar, in fact if we were you we’d take two minutes to sign up to receive email updates every time we put out a new post, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook!