As promised tonight’s blog post brings you, our loyal reader, details of yesterday’s cookathon! Our freezer is now bursting with tasty meals in a variety of Tupperware tubs (and yogurt pots and ice cream tubs etc etc)!

We were going to write a detailed explanation of what we did but on reflection it seems pretty boring, so here comes the 10 second version…..

Chop lots of veg, put in very big pan, add garlic and meat and cook through, divide into different pans and flavour one as spag bol, one for lasagne mix, one as chilli and one as shepherd’s pie, make the dishes, put into 3 person size portions, let cool then freeze – voila!!

It didn’t quite take ten seconds, but for an hour or so’s effort we now have a selection of classic comfort food dishes ready to be heated up for when time or effort is short!

The afternoon of freezer filling was a good opportunity to sort out our freezers. Now we have in the past tended to find things lurking in them that we had long forgotten about, but when we went through them we found a very nice selection of sausages, all of our venison, a few bits of fish and some lovely berries from our local farm shop. We did also find some bits of supermarket chicken and pork which seem to look far less appetizing now than they did when we bought them, must be something to do with the amazing quality of meat we have been getting lately! The other nice surprise (for Ian) was some faggots we bought at a market a few months ago, Ian LOVES faggots, Becksie on the other hand thinks they are ‘offal’ 😉 !

So the freezers are now cleaned out and we have a meat freezer and a batch cooked food and fruit freezer – how organised!!!

Our only problem yesterday was a bit of a tupperware shortage (if only grandad had not gone crazy the night before and destroyed all of grannie’s which fell out of the cupboard on him)! This meant we had to do a bit of freezer raiding and swap some stuff from tubs into food bags. It was for this reason that we ate up the last of our ready-made meals, some delicious pork casserole, for our lunch, with a side of some Peshwari Naans from a well known supermarket that we had bought reduced and dumped in the freezer. They were easy to prepare (5 minutes under the grill) but in terms of taste we can definitely say that we are not missing supermarket food!


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  1. It would be great to know what the different ‘flavourings’ were in the lasagne, slag bog and chilli please.

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