To Market to Market

Firstly a big thank you for all the warm wishes for Lizzie’s speedy recovery. Turns out the poor little thing has croup. This is RUBBISH! But a good portion of chicken soup, calpol and cuddles seem to be helping our little ‘croupie’ (her mates have it also)! We found this out after a trip to the out of hours gp yesterday when the rain was pouring down. We decided that so we could let her rest at home today we’d do the shopping at the local market we were near yesterday and not go to the farmers market we’d planned to go to today.

And boy are we glad we did! Not only did we get some most excellent things the whole process only took about half an hour!

First stop a market stall where we got some yogurts (yeah we’ve missed yogurts), 4 cheeses for 2 pounds(!) and a huge gammon joint for 5 pounds! Excellent value!

It was then on to the fruit and veg stall which was HUGE and the produce was so fresh! Becksie was like a kid in a sweet shop and went wild in the market stall aisles and spent 22 pounds on a big selection of goodies! Now we hear you say we promised to not over buy, however the quality, selection and our recent sicky bout has led us to want to do another batch cook. So 22 pounds is not only to feed us this week but also to fill our freezer with a fresh batch of home cooked meals that are ready in 20mins on those nights when we have no time or a poorly team member etc etc. Also our freezer since stopping supermarket shopping has space and a half empty freezer is ‘false economy’.

Next stop a local newsagent for milk (we must sort out a milkman delivery)! Then on to the butcher to buy a massive quantity of minced pork for the batch cook along with a chicken portion for the week and some chicken liver to make some pate!

The time spent in the butchers was brilliant – watching the knife skills of these smartly dressed butchers was almost emotional – they really really cared about the meat they were selling and gave time to explain to each customer how to treat it. The quality of the meat was also fab! I wanted minced pork and I was able to see the meat before it was minced and feel very happy that it wasn’t a mix that contained anything but fresh meat and small quantity of good natural healthy fat.

So our total bill was £45.10p With change for the bank of £4.90p A most excellent deal to fill the freezer and feed us this week!

We are three happy shoppers!


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