Little’s Half-Birthday

A wee while ago our littlest member celebrated her first half-birthday. This was a momentous occasion as not only had she passed her six month probation we’d survived the first sixth months of parenthood.  As we like an excuse to celebrate we decided that we wanted to start our very own Team Pugh family tradition in the shape of celebrating not only her birthdays but also her half-birthdays! Well if it’s good enough for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth it is most certainly good enough for Her Majesty Princess Elizabeth Pugh (who knows if Kate and Wills have a baby boy she could be in with a chance!)

When Liz met Lizzie!

So we set about her half-birthday celebrations and after tea presented her with a half-birthday card, a present and half a cake! She seemed very confused when we dimmed the lights, lit a small fire on top of half a cake and made a fuss about her trying to blow out a half candle (yes we really did get into this half-birthday malarkey – well what’s the point in being half-hearted!)!

So that she was able to participate in the cake munching we made a basic Victoria sponge mixture but replaced half the flour with baby rice, reduced the sugar and added a mashed banana and some raspberries for flavour! It wasn’t the lightest of cakes but she seemed to devour her slice.

After eating her cake we decided to start another tradition, this was taking a picture of her next to her first ever baby grow – this way we will be able to see just how much she has grown and who knows one day we may even get to take a picture of her very own baby wearing her first outfit!

The gift she received was a lovely teddy who has already become a firm friend – so far however he is only known as Ted, and this is not very imaginative. As Lizzie is not yet able to decide herself we thought it would be nice if some of our readers came up with a few suggestions – who knows there might even be a prize for the best name! Send us your ideas and we’ll keep you updated!


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