When the Chips are Down!

So all this no supermarket shopping marlarky has really changed the way we think and eat. We always have a bag of oven chips in the freezer for those days when you simply want to eat chips! Now in all this market shopping we have yet to see a single bag of oven chips but we had given it no thought until last night when we decided we really wanted chips to buddy up with the lovely gammon we had for dinner! So what to do?? A) crack and drive head held low to the nearest supermarket or b) make our own!

You’ll be pleased to know we didn’t go for option a and we did indeed make our own chips! And boy are we glad we did! It was a) extremely simple and b) they tasted absolutely amazingly better than our regular oven chips! Now we know that deep fat frying is not the best for you but as a Sunday night treat we think its fine!

Chop your taters into chips, heat a pan of oil until bubbling!

Fry until golden brown, drain and season! Lovely x a million!

Yes we know we had popcorn for tea on Saturday and that we pride ourselves on our healthy diet but we think chips and popcorn have their place in a healthy balanced diet and we did eat a large amount of salad with them! Where did we get our salad from?? Oh yes our windowsill – our first produce since starting our year without supermarkets! We now have a fine crop of cress, rocket, pea shoots and chickpea shoots! We are a) happy b) proud c) getting our 5 a day!

In other news it is a week since we went shopping and in times gone by we would be getting twitchy and heading to the supermarket but not this week! We have eaten really well but somehow still have lots of food left so here’s the plan – tomorrow is market day so we’re heading out with our £50 and a strict list and only buying what we really need:






One other fruit which will be selected from the market

One type of green veg

One meals worth of fish

Join us tomorrow for a full report!!


10 thoughts on “When the Chips are Down!

  1. Next time you make chips cut twice as many as you need. Once you have cooked the ones you want for the meal pop the others into the still hot oil for a couple of minutes until they seal. Let them drain then flash freeze when cool. Voile; you now have some oven chips ready to go! Lv Dad x

  2. A great way is to do two fryings … put them in the oil just until they start to get crisp but are still white. Take them out and let them cool, preferably get chilled for at least an hour, then fry again. Perfect!

  3. An even easier, healthier and safer (no deep fat spitting and sizzling !) is to make your own oven chips. Prepare the potatoes as you did the place on a lined baking tray and drizzle with oil. Turn the chips to coat with oil Nd place in hot oven till golden. I use tha Aga but about 200 degrees C should do it. Yum!

  4. I make oven chips out of sweet potatoes and celeriac. Cut up to chip size good amount of seasoning they take 20-30 minutes.

  5. Love what you guys are doing!
    I like using large potatoes cut into wedges with the skins left on,drizzled with olive oil and chilli powder (or flakes) and bake for 30-40mins
    …and for a main meal add mediteranean veg–courgettes,peppers,onions,aubergine,vine tomatoes etc for a vegetarian bake . Add sausages, chicken thighs(more flavour) or fish
    Switch chilli powder for lemon juice, herbs and honey for a change.

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