Vintage Rummage and Popcorn

Today saw Team Pugh have a stall at our lovely friend Becky’s vintage fair in the fair city of Birminghamshire! The first ever Brum Rummage was a big success and we left with £40 profit! Excellent and much better than a slap in the face with a wet fish! hehe.

Wet fish, not from a supermarket!

Whilst the grown up members of Team Pugh flogged vintage items little Pugh had a lovely day at Grannie and Grandpa’s house. As we knew she would be having a lovely time and we are so tired we treated ourselves to some bargin lunch out – yummy! We arrived home a little while a go to a cold house so the fire was lit but unfortunately the fire glass got smashed by a log (it was not Becksie this time – its offically one all now).  So as we had a big lunch and are slighty grumpy and even more tired than yesterday we decided to have sweet popcorn for dinner!!!!!!!!! It’s saturday, we’re tired and we ate vegetables for lunch – forgive us!

Here’s the how in case you fancy copying us!!!

Heat a knob of butter, a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of condensed milk (golden syrup would also work) in a pan.

Add the required amount of popping corn (unpopped popcorn) and heat and stir until coated. Transfer to a microwaveable bowl, cover and microwave until popped! Sprinkle with more sugar!!

Enjoy and feel no guild – Nigella would approve!!