Christmas is Coming

Georgina and Lizzie shop for a lovingly selected gift for Georgina’s new puppy!

Today’s blog post comes to you from a very misty and foggy team Pugh! Misty and foggy in a few ways – firstly misty and foggy due to the weather, you can barely see in front of your eyes and misty and foggy as we are all incredibly tired! Tired because we seem to have a million and twenty things to do and are rubbish at getting to bed early! Last night at midnight 2/3rds of team Pugh were stewing windfall apples after frantically sorting out a stall full of goodies for a vintage sale we are doing tomorrow! Needless to say the stuff is still not sorted or indeed priced and it’s not many hours until we need to be there! Oh well, sleep, like supermarket shopping is for wimps 😉

All this sorting of vintage stuff and a lovely Christmas shopping market event that Becksie and Lizzie went to today with friends has really got us thinking about the way we shop for gifts. The supermarkets and other high street chains sell a lot of items particularly on the run up to Christmas and fight hard to make people part with their Christmas shopping budget, but don’t you just find that what they have to offer although ‘nice’, is not actually stuff that you really need or want? How many times have our female readers received a hand cream and bubble bath gift set? Two bottles of potion that smells second rate and that would probably make your skin itch if you ever got as far as using them – oh but they come in a fancy box! And how many of our male readers have become the proud owners of a pooing reindeer or a Lynx gift set?! Stuff! Just stuff! Stuff that’s a waste of money and that the poor recipient has to keep for the obligatory amount of time before they a)bin it b) take it to a charity shop c)donate it to a raffle or tombola whilst feeling both happy to be rid of it and guilty that its gone. Go on admit it not only have you been the recipient of such a gift you’ve also given such a gift! In giving such a gift you feel that you a) have been over charged b) haven’t put thought into it c) glad a gift has been found for so and so! We’ll admit we’ve been on both sides of the coin and until this experiment have come to accept this as just part of Christmas! But this experience has really made us change how we think about shopping and what we buy for others as gifts.

Today we have purchased some gifts but they are gifts that are different, handmade items and items that the retailers were really proud to sell us. Items that we can give with love and know that the person will think they are really special (we will share some of the products but until Christmas they are secret)! And as we prepare for the fair tomorrow we know that the people who will (hopefully) buy our vintage items will be buying them because the item tells a story and did not just come from a high street chain (well perhaps they did once but the items are vintage and have therefore stood the test of time).

So I guess the point of tonight’s post is to say that our supermarket boycott is having a much bigger impact on us than we ever thought possible and this year if we can’t find a gift that is special and just right for the person will we a) make something and not be worried about trying to spend the ‘right’ amount or b) give a donation to charity and explain to that person the reasons why or c) bake and give cake.

Cake cake cake

In other news we were really excited to meet some of our blog readers today and delighted to hear that our ramblings are having an impact on the way they shop too! And one more thing may we take this opportunity to say thank you for reading and your support!

Ps – if you know us apologies if you have ever bought us any of the mentioned gifts or if we have ever bought you them!


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  1. It was lovely to meet you yesterday too! I gave my mum and brother (who is impossible to buy for, being single and well off!) gift certificates from Oxfam and World Vision the last couple of Christmases (?spelling) and they were delighted, especially my brother. You can get a ‘gift’ for a little as £10 and it will do a lot. Btw, I happened to see Lez in the pub last night and mentioned you might be in the market for chickens so let me know when and I’ll get working on it

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