Self Cleaning Kitchen Floor!

So after our five minutes of fame it was back to the norms of life and today’s post aims to discuss the never ending task of housework!!!

Why is it that just living in ones house makes such a mess? It really is a never ending cycle! As Becksie’s late nana used to say ‘you get to the end of the housework and the first bits ready again’ – this is so so true! We don’t know about you but somehow it feels better to cook a lovely meal if you start with a clean and tidy kitchen? So you clean the kitchen then start to cook and somehow in 20 minutes you’re back to square one! Dirty pots in our house seem to breed!

Another thing is the extremely annoying phenomena of our kitchen floor – you hoover and mop it and the cats are only too delighted to stroll in with half a field on their feet! For crying out extremely loud! Thinking of cleaning floors (and an email from a friend from uni we haven’t spoken to for a while who heard us on the radio) reminds us of a very funny incident that occurred whilst we were at university! When we were at uni we lived in a little flat with a laminate floor (ooohhhh get us) our dear friends and neighbours Fiona and Toby lived across the way in a similar little flat with the same laminate floor (talk about keeping up with the Pugh’s) and one afternoon whilst we were at theirs “studying” (#eatingfreedoritosdip – yes a local shop near our house ordered so much they were giving it away) conversation turned to housework and in particular cleaning floors! Toby exclaimed that he was super impressed with the laminate floor – they’d lived there for 8 months and it never got dusty/sticky/dirty! Fiona turned a shade of blue and exclaimed that the floor was in fact not magic at all but was never dusty/sticky/dirty because she cleaned it every single day! We laughed and laughed! Maybe Fiona could move in and we too could have a kitchen floor that is always dust free and never sticky or dirty! As Fiona lives in the north though we are going to have to find another solution!

One solution would be to visit the supermarket cleaning aisle but as you well know by now we don’t frequent such establishments – so we must find other ways to keep our kitchen floor spotless! Here are a few suggestions. Enjoy and feel free to comment on the post with any other tips you might have!

  1.  In your mop bucket put the juice of 1 lemon, a teaspoon of bicarb, a squirt of washing up liquid and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Boil the kettle and pour into the solution. Mop away!

2. For a lovely shiny floor buff after moping with an old towel.

3. Vinegar used in equal parts to water and placed in a spray bottle makes a very good cleaner (jury is out on the scent).

4. Bicarbonate of soda on a damp cloth removes scuff marks.

5. Use two buckets when cleaning the floor – one for wringing out the dirty mop, the other to hold the clean water.

6. If you need to clean egg off a kitchen floor sprinkle salt on it – watch the magic and brush away.

7. Use toothpaste to clean off crayon scribbles (not tried this one but we are very tempted to crayon the floor in order to try).

ok – so we couldn’t resist

minty fresh and it works!!

8. If you spill candle wax on your kitchen floor – cover wax mark with brown paper and iron!

9. Go to Newcastle and track down a lesser spotted Fiona, kidnap her and you’ll never have to clean another floor!

10. Stuff that go to Newcastle track down a lesser spotted Rachel* (she looks a lot like a lesser spotted Fiona) and you’ll never have to clean your whole house ever again!

*Rachel is Fiona’s twin sister who is the Supernanny of cleaning (hmm, guest blogger?)!