Day 10 Update!!

So today is only the tenth day of our challenge but so far things are going swimmingly! We have eaten some fantastic food, have some great food in our fridge and freezer and have saved ourselves some money.

Our challenge is being made much easier by the amazing enthusiasm of other people. When we started we had much encouragement from our friends and family, but to be honest we thought they were just being nice. However not only do far more people than we expected keep reading our blog every day we are making great new friends on twitter.

We have been amazed at the level of enthusiasm for our project and astounded at people’s generosity! Our new twitter friends have offered to help us out with a variety of goods over the coming months;

Pizza’s from the Secret Pizza Society (@SecretPizzaSoc) Mobile Pizza delivery coming to Oxford soon!

Olives, a Pie and some Cheese from Open Air Foods (@OpenAirFoods) , an up and coming festival catering company

We have also been given an amazing knife as a present from Philip Letherington (@thedemochef) gifted from (@flintandflameuk) – cannot wait for it to arrive, thank you so much!

Amazingly word has spread and we are due to appear on BBC Radio Oxford tomorrow morning at 9.00 am on the Phil Gayle Breakfast show. Interested people can listen here! We will be talking on the radio to one of our other new friends, Mike, the manager of Roots of Oxford (@RootsofOxford) in Oxford, who supplies fruit and veg to Oxfordshire establishments and may be moving into other exciting ventures soon, watch this space………

Back in the real world we have all had a very busy day here, but have this evening sat down to a delicious meal made using the chicken thighs, mushrooms, onions and leeks we bought at the market this week. We also have acquired a pheasant (granddad Gray was cycling behind a car that hit it) and we have it hanging in the shed ready to pluck at the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Day 10 Update!!

  1. Congratulations on a job well done so far. And, congratulations on others noticing your journey and elevating you to celebrity status. Continue on…Love, Kathy and Tim

  2. Good job Grandad didn’t hit it in his car and pick it up – apparently that would be poaching under some arcane law or other!!! I’ll try and listen to Radio Oxford if I can or listen again. Look forward to meeting the new star tomorrow!!! love Daisy’s Grandma

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