This week’s shop!

Today’s blog post aims to share with you, our loyal and much appreciated reader, the adventure of this week’s food shop!


As discussed yesterday we went to a nearby town as we knew a market was on, and food shopping instead of being the boring, tiresome and lifeless trip to Sainsburys (a now distant hazy orange blurry memory) is now a pleasure and a joy. Even though it was in fact tipping it down! Lizzie snugly under her buggy liner and rainhood slept through the whole event whilst Ian and Becksie skipped through the rain at the joy of what the market had to offer (well not quite but nearly).

fruit and veg stall

First trip the fruit and vegetable stall – an awesome array of fresh treats awaited us – 3 carrier bags full came to about 11 quid! A bargain as we got some really lovely stuff. We were slightly sad as we were pipped to the post on the last bowl of brussels for a pound! Those pesky other shoppers! The fruit and veg man was in fact quite grumpy which made us feel a little sad but we decided that it was probably the rain!

Next to a stall that sold meat, cheese, yogurts and other tasty treats – some dripping, a massive gammon joint, some cheddar, a few yogurts and some cheese biscuits later and we were on our way in search of a butchers. And a butchers we found – a really interesting supplier that had a hatch at the side of their commercial butchers. It was quite exciting buying our meat in this way and we got some lovely meat prepared in front of our eyes at an excellent price! So there we were, nearly finished with our weekly shop apart from sugar, cereal, dilute juice, loo roll and milk!

whats that got to do with the price of fish 😉

Now remember it was tipping it down, so we stood in the street thinking where to source these items – we were in fact stood outside poundland, that would be able to sell us all five of our required items for 5 quid! But weather aside we were not about to succumb (even though poundland is not a supermarket we feel that food from there is on the banned list).  As we needed to return to our car we decided that  the remaining items should be purchased in our local shop – so off we went to the same shop as last week. On the way back to the car we stumbled upon a little food oasis ‘added ingredients’ – purveyor of fine foods  ( here we purchased some lovely cheeses at a very reasonable price.

So I hear you ask how much did it cost?………………………

The answer £37.66 – amazing and again we have got some very exciting items! We can officially confirm we are not missing supermarkets (thus far)!

Change for our savings!


4 thoughts on “This week’s shop!

  1. Hi! Thank you for following my blog. I like your blog, and the whole idea of it. I also think you quite clearly have a talent for arranging food in an attractive manner – kind of like flower arranging, but with vegetables. It’s very photogenic. I see you’re in Oxford – maybe if I come up there to do a feature at some point we could do something collaborative? (I used to live in Oxford anyway, so am hoping to cover the Cowley Community market thing at some point.)

    • Hiya

      Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂 Cowley shopping and joint work sounds wonderful – just let me know when? I have a few ideas 🙂
      Best Wishes x

      • Great! I’m massively busy up until Christmas, but I was thinking sometime mid-January? Looking forward to sharing ideas with you. I think we could definitely do something great. Good luck with your market shopping – what are you doing for milk and things? It’s always (non-cheese) dairy products that seem generally unavailable.

      • Mid jan is fab – give us a shout 🙂 We have a lovely cheese shop in our local town and milk comes from the newsagent – however we investigating getting a milkman 🙂 keep you posted

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