Left Overs Become Ministry of Food Fish Pie

Jake reading ‘Jamie’s Ministry of Food’

So it’s been almost a week since we went food shopping and we can reveal we’ve eaten really well! Our first week as supermarket boycotters has been a raging success and unlike normal we have made no extra trips to buy anything, we’ve either gone without or improvised! Actually this is not strictly true as we don’t feel like we’ve gone without at all! The only items we should have got was some sort of green veggie but we just used more of the leeks than we normally would i.e. the green bit which actually tastes stronger!

Now the real challenge was the final day of the week and this made us realised a motivating factor behind ‘the year without supermarkets’. Before this challenge we would have looked in the fridge put our hands to our head in panic and ran (well actually driven) to Sainsbury’s – not now! We looked in the fridge (well Becksie did) and saw that although it was quite empty we had enough food to make a delicious and nutritious meal, all we needed to do was be creative! This desire to think more, waste less and eat better are really making this challenge exciting. It is really surprising what a difference changing the way we shop has made to our lives. Not only does food excite us even more than it used to we are becoming more and more grateful for what we have and really proud of the lack of waste. Being this close to the wire for our last day feels like a huge achievement as we have bought the right amount and not had to waste food.

As further testament to these thoughts what is really interesting is that as Ian had a day off and we knew the market was on in a neighbouring town we actually did our shopping today, but imposed a rule that we could not use any of the things we bought until tomorrow! And we truly haven’t and given we’ve purchased some lovely food for the coming week it wasn’t even that difficult because we wanted to use the food we had already.

emptyish fridge

So what could this fridge produce………………………… the obvious answer is a Team Pugh favourite of a sort of version of Jamie Oliver’s Fish pie. This is something we’ve eaten a hundred times and love! So this is what you need / do:

5 potatoes (ish we don’t really do measuring and exactness) – get them peeled and chopped and bring to the boil in some salted water. Whilst this is happening grate a box grater full of carrot, a box grater full of celery, a box grater full of courgette and half a box grater full of cheddar cheese into a large oven dish. Add a couple of hand fulls of prawns, a chopped up smoked mackerel and some salmon (you can of course use whatever fish you fancy). Put some salt, pepper, chilli and lemon zest on the mixture and mix it up. Spread it evenly across the oven dish then drizzle with the juice of a lemon and some olive oil and put a few bits of butter here and there! Turn your now boiled taters into mash and spread across the fishy mix. Grate some more cheese for the top and bake in a preheated oven (200c) for about 35mins until the top is golden and bubbly! Serve with veg or salad! (Apologies Mr. Oliver we know this recipe goes a little off-piste but we did follow your recipe the first time we made and it is from your Ministry of Food and we are sharing it with our readers).

Hang on………………… I can hear you all, a lovely recipe but the photo of our fridge shows us to have only the fish parts of the necessary ingredients! So we simply took the principle of our regular fish pie and improvised! So today we:

Made the mash as described above. In a large oven dish we put a box grater of swede, a box grater of parsnip, a chopped onion, chopped red pepper, the white part of a leek chopped (the green bit was the green vegetable side dish). Added smoked mackerel, some left over salmon (from the freezer) and some chopped up goats cheese . Some salt (no pepper as the mackerels had a peppered crust), Zest of a lemon (no chilli as littles was dining with us) – mixed it up spread it out added a dash of oil and some small bits of butter and the juice of the lemon. Put the mash on the top and baked in the oven as described above! We served our Fish pie with cauliflower and the green bit of a leek  and the verdict – delicious!

Fish pie mix before the mash was added, it looks a little weird but trust it works! And grated baked veg are really easily for little ‘weaners’ to eat!

We will definitely be trying some other grated vegetable combinations – oh and when we do use the original(ish) recipe we are definitely adding onion!


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