A Few Things We Have Learnt Since Becoming Parents

So as relatively new parents we thought we ought to do a post about some of the things we have learnt so far! So here goes:

  • Giving birth hurts!!
  • Sitting down / walking after giving birth really hurts!
  • You do forget the pain!
  • Antenatal classes don’t teach you much but you do make friends!
  • Having a baby brings with it lots of new friends who are a great source of support and become firm cake buddies
  • ‘Everywhere you go, always take the wet wipes, the wet wipes with you’!
  • Time changes – everything goes really really fast!
  • Random people think it is ok to approach and reach out to touch your baby – its not!
  • No matter how much pink you dress your baby in people still get their gender wrong!
  • You have to chill out on the housework – despite thinking you will be able to keep your standards high.
  • Everything takes sooooooooooooooooooo much longer!
  • People are really nice to you and genuinely very interested in your tiny person.
  • The day you don’t a take spare outfit is always the day you have to deal with massive sick or an exploding nappy.
  • If you stay calm your baby stays calm – they are extremely stress sensitive
  • Its very important to share your baby with grandparents, siblings and good friends – your baby holds a special place in their hearts too.
  • You get to eat a lot of cake
  • Your baby changes every single day
  • Despite your best efforts you end up discussing your baby’s poo!
  • You feel incredibly proud of everything they do.
  • You cannot remember what life was like before they came along
  • You can’t take too many photos!
  • You worry a lot – mostly about stupid things!
  • Baby poo comes out better if you soak the item in cold water (this is a tip from Pauline).
  • Breastfeeding makes you very thirsty.
  • Weaning is messy but fun!
  • Everyone has an opinion about everything related to your baby – ignore them!
  • Supermarket own brand nappies are cheaper and just as good as the branded sort – errrmmmmm?? Boots / Wilko’s own are also fine!
  • Supermarket shopping with a baby is STRESSFUL – one of the reasons we’ve given it up!


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  1. Oh I really enjoyed this blog…about what you have learned since Lizzie arrived. Your list brought back lots of memories…and you are so right! Babies do change your lives FOREVER! You will continue to grow as Lizzie grows. I loved the photo of LIzzie too.

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