Supermarket Stalkers and Valueless Vouchers

So today began with yet more suspicious post on our door mat. It appears as though the supermarkets have heard of our boycott and they are afraid, very afraid!

Our local Budgens’ have been refurbishing themselves over the past fortnight and are getting ready for their grand re-opening, and so the other day we were lucky enough to get a leaflet through the door offering a bottle of wine to their first 50 customers. It is never that busy in there but we are sure we will miss out on that little offer as they are bound to get at least a couple of hundred customers over this coming year!

Waitrose have also been touting for our business, but we will not be broken!

Today’s item was a letter from our former supermarket of choice, Sainsbury’s. Now in the past mail from Sainsbury’s was always treated with a moderate level of excitement, as the likelihood was that it contained some form of money off voucher.  Today’s letter contained not one but four vouchers for consecutive weeks to receive £12 off when you spend £60. No use to us now!

Now as sad as it is that we cannot use the vouchers our new way of life does open up a whole new money-off opportunity – haggling! For example, Tuesday’s shop saw us get double the amount of crayfish for our £5 after a little haggle, and market stalls are usually happy to round the odd pence down, a service you don’t get at the checkout!

These vouchers did, however, serve as a reminder to our nectar card. That would be the nectar card we have used when we have shopped, bought petrol and bought a few bits for the house in Homebase. The nectar card that has £20 worth of points on that we have been saying ‘we will use these at Christmas/to buy something specific/etc.’. The nectar card we did not take with us on Sunday when we did our final supermarket shop.  The nectar card that we now can no longer use.  Hmmm, really should have planned that better, it would have been much more satisfying if at our last supermarket shop we could have paid in points and not given Mr Sainsbury any of our hard earned cash!

Never mind, we think you can spend them in Homebase, Ian needs some paint for the outside of the house so perhaps we can get it for free with these!

This evening saw a lovely meal with some more market meat, and the arrival of two dead wood pigeons in the house for Ian’s next butchery lesson. Plucked, skinned and de-breasted the pigeons went to their final resting place and the freezer had 4 pigeon breasts in it, perfect for a couple of wintery meals!


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