Windowsill wonders!


cold chilly cold


We do hope today’s post find you all well! Today finds Team Pugh chilly cold and having one of those days. Being so cold the fire was lit at about 3pm,  however it would seem that even the fire is having one of those days and no matter how nicely we talk to it its not feeling getting hot! So hot water bottle between feet we sit down to type today’s blog post.

So what to write about today? Well lets start with a few updates:

Our littlest member is officially on the move! She’s not quite crawling rather arching her back and sort of sliding across the floor! Never the less she is on the move (a bit like Aslan) and is able to get unaided from point a. the baby gym to point b. the door! Errrrmmm Asda would have been an excellent place to purchase stair gates! O very dear we need a other source!


Ian has finally got a hair cut (he was starting to resemble Derek before he got butchered! And Becksie has finally baked some bread but she still hasn’t done the ironing!


Paul and Barry Chicken are still not laying much and the cat section of the team are still bringing a good selection of mice (thank goodness theres not much meat on a mouse or Ian might have considered butchering the offerings)!


The final update – our sprouting seeds  #EPICFAIL! So we did what the packet said, put in a jar covered with water, put a cloth over the top, changed the water daily and not only have they not sprouted they have gone mouldy and stink! So they are unfortunately going in the dustbin! The cress on the other end #MASSIVESUCCESS! We’ve eaten it with several meals including today’s lunch of bubble and squeak! Their success and a little advice from our very own Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall (Becksie’s dad) has got us thinking about our kitchen windowsill as a source of free and fresh food! It is currently a dumping ground! It starts out tidy with a couple of plants but somehow whatever we do gets junked up! So the first of our mini challenges within ‘the year of no supermarkets’ must begin! From this day forth our middle kitchen windowsill must:

  • Be tidy
  • House only things that we can eat

Ready for its new purpose! Can anybody spot the rats?!

So we set about the clear up operation! The existing non edible plants were found a new home, the junk cleared away and some tame inside gardening begun! We had a mini salad growing kit that had a pot so nice we hadn’t put it outside so we used this (but any large pot with drainage , soil and salad seeds would do). We had a couple of other nice vessels and loads of cotton wool so off we went. Now we are fully aware that we are out of season blah blah blah but that’s the sort of folk we are and we’re simply practicing for spring when we will get growing in ernest and turn our weedy garden into an oasis of healthy free food! We could spend ages writing out what we did but as we’re having one of those days the photo guide will hopefully show you and really we’re not that qualified to explain (until our windowsill has a bumper crop at which point we reserve the right to become experts)!

So here’s the photos please enjoy:


The new tidy hopefully soon productive windowsill



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