Dropping ‘Beets’

Shake, Shake, Shake!

So today started with some baby singing and signing. We dropped some beats at our regular group ‘shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake……………………………..’(we bet if you have ever been to this kind of group or been in the company of a parent who has ever been you sang the last sentence) !  If you have a small wee baby we can highly recommend this kind of singing group – it’s great fun, the babies love it and every week they seem to know that it’s time to ‘sing and sign’! We are eagerly awaiting our little team member to make her first sign (surely a reason to sign up for email updates – hang on there’s NOTHING more BORING than other people’s children but we promise to post recipes and other vaguely amusing ramblings)!

After singing came cake and a spot of clothes shopping (we had a 25% off voucher but don’t worry it wasn’t a supermarket and not a penny of yesterday’s remaining food money was harmed)! Then it was home with a red-cheeked teething baby to drop a different kind of beat (yes we know other people’s children really are boring, next we’ll be sticking up holiday snaps up with captions like ‘this is the meal we had in a lovely fish restaurant by a lovely beach, the sun was beating down blah blah blah’).

‘this is the meal we had in a lovely fish restaurant by a lovely beach, the sun was beating down blah blah blah’

Now beetroot is a really lovely thing! It’s a beautiful colour, really good for you and tastes amazing prepared in a variety of ways. We were recently given a bag full (oooo free food) and having used some roasted whole with our venison casserole we decided that the remainder should be pickled so we can enjoy them in the future with some of the lovely food we will be buying from places other than supermarkets! So this is what we did:

So take as many beetroots as you want to pickle, chop off the tops and give them a good wash! Boil them until tender (approx 20mins). Take off the heat, drain and put clingfilm over the top of the pan (a great tip from Florence Knight). Some kind of magic trickery occurs and when they have cooled the skins will simply pop off! Leave to cool completely and assemble your pickling paraphernalia! Sterile jars, malt vinegar (enough to cover the amount of beets you have), peppercorns (about 8 per jar), white sugar (approx a teaspoon for every jars worth), coriander seeds (to taste), chilli (optional), a bay leaf per jar, cinnamon (to taste) and cloves (3 per jar).

Peel and chop your beets and place in jars along with peppercorns, cloves and bay leaf. Dissolve the sugar in a small amount of hot water (50mls ish) then put in a large pan  with the vinegar, coriander seeds, chilli and cinnamon – give it a ‘mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix’ (haha are you singing again). Bring it to the boil and pour into the jars, seal and store the beets for a good while! Oh and one more thing every few weeks you must give the jars a ‘shake, shake, shake, shake,shake,shake’ to infuse the flavours!


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  1. Tip. When you lift beetroot there are often lots of small beets about 10p size. Don’t throw them away. Put them in with the ‘big boys’ when cooking. Make a mixture of a little warm water, honey and light soy sauce. Soak the mini beets in this liquor for an hour or more and serve as a side dish….delish.

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