This Little Piggy went to Market!

So off we went to do our shopping in our local town! Lizzie and Becksie were joined by Aunty Leah who was (as usual) a brillo pads legend!!

50 quid!!

We withdrew our 50 pounds and headed (list firmly in the bottom of the buggy) to see the man at The Fish Box Ltd ( Some salmon (complete with a recipe idea coming to a blog near you soon), some smoked mackerel, a friendly chat and a quick photo later we were ready to move on to the fruit and veg. Two big carrier bags full costing just £6.20 – amazing and the other bonus no plastic packets to put in the bin.

‘thou shalt have a fishy’

Big Fish!

Next we went to see a really nice chap who had a great array of garlic products (Isle of Wight Produce) and the finest mushrooms any market could offer! Now this is where the deals started and boy were we glad we had Aunty Leah with us – 2 boxes of fancy pants mushrooms (what would Carluccio do with these?) for a fiver and a half each deal with aunty Leah (who was planning a feast for her and her friend Clare) was struck.

Garlic heaven!

So with the shopping list totally out of the window we headed over to see the lovely lady who grows, presses and bottles rape seed oil on their family farm ( after hearing all about it we purchased some rape seed oil infused with garlic – what can we say other than amazing! I believe you can order online and this not so mystery shopper says it’s well worth a look!

Next stop Jane the meat lady – many years experiences and free sausage tasters – oh happy days! Oh and must not forget to mention award winning pork products ( Black pudding, hogs pudding, haslet and bacon in the bottom of the buggy, another friendly chat and it was on to the next stall to meet Tim of Brookleas Fish Farm! 17 crayfish for £5 quid! A chat about what to do with them, another deal with aunty Leah (£2.50 each 8 for one 9 for the other), an invitation to go and catch our own crayfish and a leaflet for 10% off fishing for our own trout (Robson Green eat your heart out). We were happy and very excited by our day!

Cray Fish a lish

A quick trip to see ‘Rob the Cheese’ (watch out for a future cheese based post coming your way) saw 3 types of lovely cheese in the bottom of the buggy (oops the list only permitted 2). It was then just the marmite, milk and loo roll we had to get from the local newsagents! £40.69 the final total, 5 carrier bags, zero miles of petrol, lots of new people met and friendly chats and no unexpected items in the bagging area equals happy Team Pugh.

Shopping without a supermarket!

Dinner was a feast of crayfish, garlic and chilli pasta, recipe coming soon (yes I know we keep saying this, we have a to do list as long as our arm, we must get organised at some point)! Oh and btw thats our homegrown cress!


All we need to do now is to find somewhere to stash our first week of savings, a total of £9.31.



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