Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area

final sainsbury’s shop

So the year of no supermarkets starts tomorrow! EXCITING TIMES! Or is it scary? We decided that it wasn’t cheating to go and buy a few bits and pieces – it was the weirdest shop we’ve ever done! We started to panic and throw stuff in our trolley and then we stopped ourselves, put stuff back and thought very carefully about what we purchased!

We Left with the following:

1 bag of rice

2 bags of flour

160 teabags

2 bags of dried fruit

3 tins of beans

3 tins of tomatoes

3 tins of sweetcorn

3 tins of condensed milk (we love this stuff)

1 bag of pasta

9 packs of wet wipes (they were on offer)

A Christmas gift for Little Mummy

A few toys for Christmas for Lizzie

We’re sorry if this is cheating but we thought it was ok to start with a full pantry and as we set the challenge we figure it’s ok. So we paid Sainsbury’s our final bill and left! It was almost emotional – almost! And so we begin, and just for entertainment here’s 25 things we won’t miss about supermarkets:

  1. ‘Unexpected item in the bagging area’ – say no more
  2. Not getting a parent and child space
  3. Not being able to open the carrier bags
  4. When they’ve run out of bags for fruit and veg
  5. The other shoppers
  6. When the shop assistant throws your shopping along the conveyer belt
  7. Other people’s shopping list in the empty trolley
  8. Dirty baby seats in the trolley
  9. Trolleys with a mind of their own
  10. When you don’t have a pound for the trolley
  11. Misleading offers
  12. When the milk leaks on the rest of the shopping
  13. People who refuse to let you get to the reduced section
  14. When you forget your nectar card
  15. When only a few checkouts are open
  16. Getting all your shopping unpacked on the conveyor belt and realising you’ve forgotten one thing
  17. Wet / sticky conveyor belts
  18. Offers that you end up with that you don’t really want
  19. Being told to ‘wait for assistance’ at the self checkout
  20. Dirty toilets and filthy baby change areas
  21. Getting back to your car to find someones dented your car
  22. People who drive the wrong way around the car park (unless your that person then the annoying ones are the idiots who follow the arrows)
  23. Barcodes that won’t read
  24. Shop assistants that can’t recognise basic fruit and vegetables
  25. Being asked for ID by a 16 year old who needs an adult to verify the sale

Please feel free to add your comments if you have any other supermarket pet hates!