Daddy’s Magic Cake Plate

So as you may know my family are giving up shopping at supermarkets – as the youngest (and best looking) member of ‘Team Pugh’ I could indeed see a little niche in the market! So in the foot steps of many who have gone before me (Mr Marks, Mr Spencer, Mr Sainsbury and Mr Morrisons) I have come up with a clever little plan to haul in some of my daddies hard earned cash! Now like any good sales idea some careful thought and preparation went before the grand opening and way back in August when my daddy reached the dangerous old age of 27 (imagine being that old, when he was born blogs were in small books called diaries and photos – well you could only take about 30 on any one film and you had to get them developed before you could see them – dark dark times) I presented him with what he deemed to be a lovely gift! He wasn’t wrong however like lots of the clever people who made supermarkets I had used a bit of cunning in order to make this the gift that kept on giving, only not to him as he thought but to me! Ha ha now I have your attention fellow babies (Daisy, I know your mummy and grandma read this blog so  listen up and turn your mummy’s baking skills and your daddy’s love of cake into cold hard cash)!

So get a mummy (or any other adult you like really who has 10 minutes and is able to write), get a plain plate and a ceramic maker pen (you can email me if you would like one – they are only £5.00) and ………. Write on the top ‘Daddy’s Magic Cake Plate’, I got mummy to draw a picture of a cake on it but what you put on it is up to you. Let it dry then turn it over and write the following.


  1. Place plate on kitchen work top
  2. Place £1 here (I got my mummy to draw the shape of a coin)
  3.  Leave for a few hours and a cake should appear

Leave this to dry for a few days and give to your daddy! You will also need a tin and eventually an off shore bank account in which to keep your takings!

My Funds

So you’ve given the gift to your daddy and he’s happy as he’s worked out he’s going to get cake whenever he wants it (especially good for mine as he can’t just pop to Sainsbury’s as from Monday) and here’s the magic he puts his pound out you then give your cutest face to your mummy and she sets to work making a cake (you have to supervise and you have to sit for a little time in a baby bouncer or bumbo but that’s business)! So daddy gets a cake, mummy gets the work and you well, erm……. get the cash! And the best bit about this is it happens time and time again probably until your at least as old as my daddy! So that my friends is the scam and like Mr Tesco you’ll soon be getting every 1 in 8 pounds spent in your household!

Money, Money, Money!

I reckon Theo Paphitis and his fellow dragons might think this one has legs of course it would also work if your daddy liked baking and your mummy liked cake. Or if your granny liked baking and your granddad like cake! Hang on a minute I’ve just had a thought this works with my daddy so why not widen it out and with Christmas just around the corner get my mummy to make 2 more plates except this time they won’t say ‘Daddy’s Magic Cake Plate’ they’ll say ‘Grandad’s Magic Cake Plate’!

Victim 1

Victim 2

Oh and one more thing if you are struggling with the making of the magic cake plate part feel free to drop me a line and for the sum of £10 including p&p I’ll con my mum into making you a plate with the message and design of your choice! This is of course an excellent idea for a Christmas gift!

Bye for now

Lizzie x