Team Pugh Kitchen Spray and free meat!

Regular readers will know that last week we went to buy some cleaning products, and found shock horror that the own brand kitchen surface spray had sold out. Now normally we’d simply pay a little more and be on our merry way but the prospect of this challenge had got Ian in a tizz. No way was Ian about to spend/waste money on a branded spray that was no better but cost three times as much.

This led to a lightbulb moment and Team Pugh Kitchen Spray was born (RRP 5p a bottle). We are giving up supermarkets for many reasons, one of which is to save money, and save money this does!

We have had to wait until we emptied the spray bottle we were using in the kitchen, however as the final few sprays were fired last night this evening marked either the first night of the rest of our spray cleaner buying lives or an addition to the list of unsuccessful ideas from the male section of Team Pugh (which once included sawing the arm of a sofa off to fit it in the room better – thankfully Rebekah was on hand that time to stop that one getting off the drawing board!)

Now as much as Ian would fancy himself as a chemist the idea is a lot simpler than mixing a variety of chemicals and there is no danger whatsoever of blowing  anything up!

Simply purchase a bottle of Antiseptic Disinfectant (ours was 50p for 500ml) and make sure that it smells nice as you will be spraying it all over the kitchen!!

Get your empty spray bottle and give it a good wash out. Add 3 or 4 capfuls (10ml each) of disinfectant;

Top the rest up with water and hey presto – a lovely smelling, antiseptic spray (which cleans like a dream) for less than 5p!

The Before (a boiling pan that we may have forgotten to keep an eye on and may have overflowed all over the cooker)

and the after – gleaming!

In other exciting news Becksie’s Dad Paul rang earlier, him and his work colleague David came across a couple of deer munching their way through the garden they manage, and to cut a long story short there is now a deer hanging in Paul’s shed waiting for a weekend lesson in butchery and a promised stash of venison for the freezer! Watch this space for the full story!!

ready for the lesson!


4 thoughts on “Team Pugh Kitchen Spray and free meat!

  1. Make sure you take some butchery photos, that will make a fascinating blog post. Although I’m a veggie I’m still entranced by the preparation of meat before it gets in the pan, so skilful and full of history too x

  2. Have you looked at Zoflora to use in the spray bottle? It’s a very concentrated disinfectant with anti bacterial properties and though it’s not cheap it makes loads and smells nice too! I’ll give Daisy’s mummy my ‘How Clean is your House’ book for you to borrow as Kim and Aggie have loads of good ideas for cleaning without expensive, supermarket bought sprays and lotions. Good luck on Monday, I’m looking forward to reading of your progress

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