Cakes, Cul de Sacs and Cows

Muddy Moooooooooooooooo

So today saw the weekly meet of our mummy and baby mates crew and this can mean only one thing – CAKE! Having a baby has bought with it many delights, one of which is the ability to meet up mid-week and eat cake (one must keep up their strength whilst breastfeeding)! Today Josh and his mummy Sian were our hosts (it was extremely exciting as Josh has recently become the proud owner of a mega stash of new toys) and Harry and Isla and their mummies Sara and Vicki were our bakers!

We munched our way through a plate of Sara’s millionaire shortbread with extra added chocolate – oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and Vicki’s gingerbread cats and ghosts with extra nutmeg and cinnamon! Both recipe’s will be appearing very soon on our new recipe page! Exciting dot com! The other lovely baby in our crew is called Daisy and has a mummy who makes brownies to DIE for, she doesn’t know it yet but we’re hoping she’ll allow us to photograph a step by guide to share in a future post (what a shame we’ll be there when the brownies come out of the oven ;))!

Sara’s millionaires shortcakes

Vicki’s Gingerbread Cats and Ghosts

During cake munching the challenge of no supermarkets was discussed and some of the party felt that shops like Wilko should in fact be on the boycott list! The jury is still out so your thoughts and comments will be gratefully received!

After stuffing our faces we went for a walk (Sian showed us the local costcutter, a family run shop but is it a supermarket??!!!) and the heavens opened, never mind all the babies stayed dry. We left our friends with strict instructions on a shortcut to get back to our humble abode that avoided our usual route of the muddy field! We listened very carefully to the route but this mummy and this baby by association have the worst sense of direction Ever! We got stuck in cul de sac city and 45 minutes later emerged soaking wet, out of breath and desperate for a wee at the same spot we left our friends! So we headed for the field and got extremely muddy as were the cows!

A quick update on the seed growing – the peas are slowly sprouting, the cress is a little more impressive but would not feed many at the moment! We have learnt that we need to be a little more prepared with these and grow them a week or 2 before we will be using them! As a result this week we have been saladless, which has meant we have had to eat lots of nice winter veg – Yummy!

Cress day 4